Chava Alberstein - Hagan ha bil'adi (English translation)


Hagan ha bil'adi

Veyom echad k'sheyitgaleh hapetach hasodi,
vadai nis'mach ve'az nivrach lagan habil'adi.
Vesham nichyeh, mah she'omrim -
shirim shel erev chag,
vehistoriah techayech vetenamnem batzad.
Mimabatcha hame'ohav tatzitz hasakranut,
veshuv ani emtza becha t'vunah vegam tmimut.
Ki beyadcha atah tach'bi mafte'ach lelibi,
ve'lo yihyeh ahuv mimcha bagan habil'adi.
Le'et arba'im netayel bagan habil'adi.
Chayot raot, meduka'ot, yochlu michaf yadi.
Uveyadcha atah tachbi mafte'ach lelibi,
ve'lo yiheyh ahuv mimcha bagan habil'adi.
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English translation

The exclusive garden

One day when the secret opening will be revealed
we'll sure rejoice and run away to the exclusive garden.
And there we shall dwell, as they say -
With songs of a festive night,
And history will smile and doze off on the side.
From your loving smile curiosity will bloom,
And I'll find yet understanding and also simplicity.
Cause in your hand, you hide the key to my heart,
And you'll be my sole lover in that exclusive garden.
At dusk we'll stroll through that exclusive garden.
Depressed wild animals will eat out of my hand
And in your hand, you hide the key to my heart,
And you'll be my sole lover in that exclusive garden.
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Submitted by SaintMark on Tue, 25/07/2017 - 09:51
Author's comments:

Words transliterated and translated by George Jakubovits of Toronto, Ontario, Canada.
for the website
i made only minor changes.