Hajredin Pasha (or Mountains of Dibra) [ Hajredin Pasha ]

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Hajredin Pasha (or Mountains of Dibra)

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Hajredin Pasha is headed toward Radika
where are those mountains of Dibra?
Hajro when will you come to the Gjorica field?
On the field of Gjorica at the fortress
Hajredin Pasha has found trouble
oh the pasha is in trouble
the mountains of Dibra have sworn an oath
yes they have sworn an oath, they have sworn all together
Not to leave(give up) Dibra to the Turk
Hajrdein Pasha you stupid man
Dibra can't be forced on its knees
Hajredin Pasha, where are your soldiers?
slaughtered by the mountains of Dibra
Oh they are all left behind in the mountains of Dibra
and they were not a few, but 12 thousind
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Hajredin Pasha

Oh poj vjen o Radikes
Valla ku jan oh Kto malet e Dibre'es?
Valla ku jan oh mor' këto malet e Dibres?
Hajro ku vjen oh mor' n'at fush oh t'Gjorices?
N'fush t'Gjorices oh more ke kala'aja


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