Your Honor


Hakim Bey

Şikayetim var cümle yasaktan
Dillerimi hakim bey bağlasan durmaz
Gelsin jandarma polis karakoldan
Fikrim firarda mapusa sığmaz eyvah

Gün olur yerle yeksan olurum
Gün olur şahım devri devranda
Kanun üstüne kanun yapsalar
Söz uçar yazı iki cihanda eyvah

Sussan olmuyor, susmasan olmaz
Dil dursa hakim bey, tende can durmaz
Yazsan olmuyor, yazmasan olmaz
Kaleme tedbir koma, tek durmaz

Try to align

Your Honor

I want to file a complaint against all the bans.
Even if you tie my tongue, your Honor, it won't stop.
Let the gendarmerie and the policemen come from outposts.
My mind is on the run; it won't fit into the jail, alas!

One day, I may be crushed.
One day, my shah's time is in this world.
If they legislate over and over,
The paroles vanish, but the scripts are in both worlds; alas!

It doesn't feel right when you shut up, neither does it when you don't.
Even the tongue stops, your Honor, the spirit in the flesh won't.
It doesn't feel right when you write, neither does it when you don't.
Don't create barriers on writing; they won't stay there.

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