Hallelujah (Halleluja)

English translation


Hallelujah, see your life
Hallelujah, in a new perspective
Seek for a meaning in everything that comes,
in everything that happens, in everything you see
and take care of all the beautiful things life gives you
Hallelujah, live today
and help yourself to everything you want
In life, nothing's for granted
Make your day a beautiful day
Hallelujah, look around
Hallelujah, see all the little things
Take your chance, your life is now
How you want it is up to you
There's a lot you haven't seen yet
Hallelujah, sing a song
Hallelujah, sing with us once
and feel happiness, fellowship and warmth
which brightens the day
Hallelujah, word of joy
Hallelujah, unites our Earth
Words about love, about hope and about faith
that give you peace and quiet
Hallelujah, grab my hand
Hallelujah, we've got each other
Bells are ringing, they're bringing a message
The song you hear today
Hallelujah is the song of joy
which gives you everything you want
Submitted by simonsko on Sat, 04/02/2012 - 00:11


Halleluja, se ditt liv
Halleluja, i nytt perspektiv
Sök en mening i allt det som sker,
i allt som händer, i allt du ser
och ta vara på det sköna livet ger
Halleluja, lev idag
och ta för dig av det du vill ha