Polish Harmonix (Harmonix Polski)

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Polish Harmonix

I feel the magic by all my body
Super power is already rising inside me
Winx are approaching, those are their attributes
There's full power, pedal to the metal!
It blinds you like lightnings
And it changes your whole life!
Harmonix! Harmonix!
This is life, this is not a delusion!
The dream, the dream as if it were miracles
I summon my secret powers!
And I wrap it up in a rainbow like in a blanket
In the sunlight, the wings of the dreams!
You don't know what will happen soon!
Submitted by marta90 on Sat, 24/12/2016 - 01:00
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Harmonix Polski

Już całą swoją magię czuję ,
Już we mnie super moc się kluje ,
Winx się zbliża do jego cechy ,
Jest pełna moc, gaz do dechy !


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