(from) head to toe

Submitted by Persian_Glamberts on Thu, 27/12/2012 - 16:08

(from) head to toe (English) — od glave do pete

Croatian, explained by Eddie The Head on Fri, 15/07/2016 - 15:01

(from) head to toe — Van top tot teen; helemaal, compleet

Dutch, explained by RadicalJoker on Fri, 18/11/2016 - 13:52

(from) head to toe — All over. Covering completely

English, explained by Phoenix_Rising on Sun, 27/01/2013 - 20:10

(from) head to toe — from the top of one's head to one's feet :
She was tall and thin, and dressed head to toe in black.

English, explained by Persian_Glamberts on Thu, 27/12/2012 - 16:08

(from) head to toe — Päästä varpaisiin

Finnish, explained by Besoaria on Sun, 30/12/2012 - 12:21

(from) head to toe — De la tête aux pieds; de pied en cap.

French, explained by crimson_antics on Thu, 27/12/2012 - 17:52

(from) head to toe — Von Kopf bus Fuß, vollkommen, gänzlich, komplett

German, explained by anerevaron on Wed, 24/08/2016 - 10:01

(from) head to toe — από την κορυφή ως τα νύχια

Greek, explained by MichaelMe on Thu, 28/07/2016 - 21:28

(from) head to toe — dalla testa all'alluce.

Italian, explained by MichaelNa on Thu, 01/12/2016 - 16:51

(from) head to toe — لە تۆقی سەر تا پەنجەی پێیان

واتە بەقەد باڵای کەسەکە

Kurdish (Sorani), explained by Paintcomic on Fri, 14/02/2014 - 23:25

(from) head to toe — سراسر / كلا

Persian, explained by Persian_Glamberts on Thu, 27/12/2012 - 16:10

(from) head to toe — С головы до пят

Russian, explained by Guest on Thu, 27/12/2012 - 17:14

(from) head to toe — od glave do pete

Serbian, explained by Lea B. on Fri, 17/06/2016 - 17:33

(from) head to toe — Od glave do pet.

Slovene, explained by Roland Tischer on Thu, 09/06/2016 - 14:49

(from) head to toe — Tepeden tırnağa kadar.

Turkish, explained by ahmet kadı on Wed, 24/08/2016 - 14:20

(from) head to toe — Tamamen, her tarafı kapsayan

Turkish, explained by alcest on Wed, 17/08/2016 - 23:40

Translations of "(from) head to toe"

Arabicمن قمة الرأس إلى أخمص القدم / من الساس للراس
Bulgarianот глава до пети
Croatianod glave do pete
CzechOd hlavy až k patě
DanishFra top til tå
DutchVan kop tot teen
EnglishFrom head to foot
EnglishFrom top to toe
EnglishFrom tip to toe
Estonianpealaest jalatallani
FinnishPäästä varpaisiin
FrenchDe pieds en cap.
FrenchDe la tête aux pieds.
Germanvon Anfang bis Ende
Germanvon Kopf bis Fuß
Germanvon Kopf bis Fuß, vom Scheitel bis zur Sohle
Greekαπ' την κορφή ως τα νύχια
Greek (classical)Εκ κεφαλής ες πόδας άκρους
Greek (classical)Ες πόδας εκ κεφαλής
Hebrewמכף רגל עד ראש
HungarianTetőtől talpig
ItalianDall'inizio alla fine
ItalianDalla testa ai piedi
Kurdish (Kurmanji)Ji serî ta bînî
Kurdish (Sorani)لە بنی پێ ڕا تا تۆقی سەر
LatinA capite ad calcem
LatinA capillo usque ad ungues
Macedonianод глава до пети
Persianسر تا پای
Persianسر تا پا
PortugueseDa cabeça aos pés
Romaniandin cap până-n picioare
RussianС головы до пят
Russianс ног до головы
RussianС головы до ног
SlovakOd hlavy až po päty
SloveneOd glave do pet
SloveneOd glave do nog
SpanishDe la cabeza a los pies
Spanishde pies a cabeza
Swedishfrån huvud till tå(r)
TurkishBaştan aşağı
Turkishtepeden tırnağa
Ukrainianвід голови до п’ят

"(from) head to toe" in lyrics

Waistline a ten
Perfect from head to toe
The way she moves, she wiggles well
The sexiest thing I've seen

Juan Magan - Get Closer

In simple words
I want to tell you today
That I like you from head to toe
That you are clearer than water
That I need you

Banda El Recodo - I like everything about you

And,with your caresses you take the cold away.It's no coincidence that I love you so.

You give me motives to love you daily.When you are close,I wish that time runs slowly.
I want to enjoy you from head to toe,
I want to taste you whole,
buy all the time that is necessary,and I want this moment

Banda MS - A beautiful experience

(Wisin y Yandel)

Little baby I like how you provoke me
your hair, your skin and mouth, you moving from head to toe
like a crazy
(they ) say that music doesn't stop

Wisin & Yandel - Follow the Leader

Of desirability
And I am out of reach (you can't undress)
Observe me, hmhmhm
Observe me from head to toe
You won't see anyone like me
I'm the favorite one

Carla Bruni - The best looking on the block

Let's go for it, the night is just starting
Let's do silly stuff
So that you move all the parts of your body
From head to toe
Keep going, don't stop
Move it, the way only you do it

Daddy Yankee - Come with me

destitute Yunus, mystic of sorrow,
wounded from head to toe.
a wanderer in the Friends realm
Come, see what Love has done to me

Yunus Emre - come see what love has done to me

Erick & Zabdiel:
From the first time that I saw you I fell in love
You amazed me with how cute you look
From head to toe all looks good
Since you came my world is upside down.

CNCO - So Easy

[Kevin Roldan]

If you give me one night as before
Yes, when I kissed you from head to toe
I remember when we planned everything a month ago
That's life, we ended upside down, Okay

Kevin Roldan - One More Night

I like you from head to toe, I have to confess it
just by greeting you, I feel the illness of love
My desires sprout, my whole body trembles
and what I am thinking it can't be say

I like you for everything with all the excesses

Vicente Fernández - too bad that you are taken

Look deep into his
What do they say then?

I am from head to toe
Prepared for love
Because this is my world

Marlene Dietrich - Ich bin von Kopf bis Fuß Auf Liebe

I’m in love with you from head to toe
I have said it to you for neither the first nor the last time
Nobody has to love the other
But don’t be afraid, love is not a dead, either

Nobody has to love the other

Ferhat Göçer - My unfaithful beloved

we are going to see the night its that its starting
we will give it way
to get all the parts moving
from head to toe
go on don't stop
move it like you do

Daddy Yankee - Come With Me!

I like to see you from head to toe
And I'd even dare to say that you're almost perfect
I like when you come closer to me with that smile of yours
And when you say that you'd even give your life for me
I'm the happiest person when you're by my side

Los Huracanes del Norte - You complete me

and sooner or later you'll say me I love you
you say and brag that I am dying
for feel your love,
you say you're hot, from head to toe the nature crossed the line
with so much beauty made in you

Intocable - You can't wait

I am here, because I belong here.
From head to toe I am in love.
You are brave, because you swear to be true to me.
Among all the beautiful souvenirs,

MIA. - Dance of the molecules

From head to toe you're covered Luxury
Whew~ so dazzling, how could anyone dare to touch you
A door opens and (Oh-no) on that beautiful face
There's not even more as a smile...Oh my God~
My heart that used to beat well is going to BOOM BOOM BOO BOOM BOOM
These chocolate Lips she's biting, can't even touch that glass

Super Junior - Boom Boom (Bad Girl)

When there's thunderstorm hey yeah

You are like silk in my arms , like a waving warm water
We were carved out of the same tree from head to toe
You are like silk in my arms , like a splashing warm water
The same flow, sky and earth meeting each other

Jukka Poika - Silk

(Three, two, one cawow)
She gets me down
From head to toe, whole diva
I want to be the captain of that ship adrift
And getting it to the bottom and up up up (whaat?)

Dyland y Lenny - Hot

butterflies dance in my chest.
The heat is not going away
I want to kiss you baby.
From head to toe love.

You turn me on.

Maná - How much I want (desire) you

Her green eyes are like mirrors
They're shining for me
Her entire body is a pleasure
From head to toe
Sleeping in my room
I wake up with her thirst

Zacarias ferreira - Poison friend

The fire loves me not
The fire loves me

I'm burned from head to toe
Everything is completely burned
Out of the ash, all alone

Rammstein - Help me

I suppose
there is no other way
I fell in love today
from head to toe
I feel it is so perfect
you could just ask

Paulina Goto - Take Me Slowley

Less then a look
It's my heart
that is going to show you
From head to toe
I will kiss you
Like a wise man

Leonardo - I love you so much

I know to do a thing for you
Just for you to go crazy, girl
I'll make you sweat, dance, and roll on the bed until the day dawns
Don't be afraid, I want to turn you on from head to toe
To kiss your body and your neck until you get so loose

Daddy Yankee - Tell Me

You don’t know the situation I am in?
My heart is drenched in blood
I am burning from head to toe
My body is in the depths of cliffs
It is like concretes are falling on my bosom

Rafet El Roman - The Last Goodbye

Na na na na na na

Thank you from the bottom of my heart
From head to toe, from the soul you ripped apart
I say thank you
I say thank you

MKTO - Thank You

The way you came at me, boo
Don't care, not afraid I'm like Wild
Really want it from head to toe
Question if she gon' let it out
Anyway the hour glass go

Timbaland - Morning After Dark

Before dusk I read for you, your eyes flickered open and closed
They saw an image of us in their dreams, we were good
You calmed with a kiss, all those minutes that pass with your smile
Walking half asleep, I am numb from head to toe
I will leave instead of you, you stay here, you stay here!

Zed Bazi - My Attempt!

We go where nobody knows, we've guns hidden under our petticoats
No, we're never gonna quit it, no, we're never gonna quit it, no
Yeah, we're dressed in black from head to toe,
We've guns hidden under our petticoats
We're never gonna quit it, no, we're never gonna quit it, no

The 1975 - Chocolate

I love girls, especially when girls move
Move up, move up
Rough like a she-wolf
Move your body from head to toe
Alright I approve, move up, move up
Girl, wind your body

Suprême NTM - My Benz

and I thought you were my soul and for my heart, its closest beloved ones
I was faithful to your heart with my life, and for you I sacrifised my days, I found that you were , unfortunatly, a lie, I was living in it with my dreams
yes I believed your words, and I didn't know your intentions
and this day I'm all regret from head to toe (in the song it's from head to feet but I'm translating the meaning, not literally)
enough (meaning I've had enough) and now I want to leave and in me, the pain of your betrayal
I'll take your heart from my heart, and put your heart in your chest (meaning its right place) and I'll heal my soul on my own

Rashed AlMajid - Qahar

Passing time with you is the best
Holding hands everywhere we go to
Swearing never to stay separated
We know eachother from head to toe
And i treat you like you were my princess
From time to time because of small things, we argue

Akwid - Only with you

You're a thug, pure fire
Behind a smoke screen
And 30 bodyguards who never went to school
Wrapped in gold garments from head to toe
Unaware that for every link thousands die in Sierra Leone

Calle 13 - Q Lloren

I will also adhere to my truth full of pride
Joy of living will the spread in me again
When you exist again then
I'm in love from head to toe, but it needs time
So much time

Frei.Wild - Someday

One and one is two and not three,
The pain will release 'cause in God I believe,
Yes, the only way in life to succeed is be blessed,
Free your mind from head to toe and get dressed,
Fresh express what you have in your chest unless
You want to put me to the test,

Nana (rapper) - Let it Rain

Why you wanna do like that in those jeans?

Yeah, so incredible
dress from head to toe
That always looks good to me
But I love you in those jeans

P9 - Love You In Those Jeans

My life …

They desire you
From north to south,  from head to toe
They don’t look at you, 
They devour you

Luis Miguel - They desire you

(Ride it, ride it) let me feel you...

(Ride it) turn the lights down low...
(Ride it) from head to toe...
(Ride it, ride it) come touch my soul...
(Ride it, ride it) let me feel you...

Jay Sean - Ride it

Trizteza guava
Today the colony to use raspberry
Kiss her, pillala, Woh ...
From head to toe
You do not see that she is naughty

Wisin & Yandel - Warms me

Ayo GG! Yeah yeah, shall we start?
Oh my! Look at her, what made her cut her hair? Huh?
Oh my! Look at her again! A change of style from head to toe
Why did she do that? I’m dying of curiosity
Why did she do that? Please tell me why

Girls' Generation - I Got A Boy

The window shade, the nurse and maid
To let it all just work away
From head to toe
where shadows grows
Since forever and a day..

Agnes Obel - just so

Be with me, like the last time.
Whatever happens, I'll protect you.
Be with me, like last time
when I caressed you from head to toe.
Be with me, having a good time.

Fidel Nadal - International Love

My ups, my downs
My high and my lows
From head to toe
He makes me glow

Truth Hurts - Addictive

You were that boy who had sooty hands full of strawberries
Kittens in a lunch basket, on the way with you to steal apples
I was that girl who had a floral dress and a treasure map
a hoodie and a fistful of seashells, and secrets from head to toe


Johanna Kurkela - Secrets

You are the one I've been thinking of
You are the one I've been waiting for
You are who I am from head to toe
You are the whole world around me

Tim Douwsma - You are heaven

You were mine, from head to toe,
you were mine, you held(hugged) me like a child.
now you hide your eyes from me.

You are(now) his, i no longer have a right to you,
You are his, everything i've given you has fallen,

Toše Proeski - Are you Lucky

I wear/carry (word play) what I am
You have to see how it suits me
If this was a life made for me
From head to toe without a furrow/pleat (word play)
Turned on the left or on the right side
If this was a life made for me

Emmanuel Moire - If this was a life

Breaking through the shining clouds
Fly away (fly away)
A panorama stretches from head to toe
Kicked in the face, the earth is angry (angry)
Detonating its volcanoes

Dragon Ball Z - CHA-LA HEAD-CHA-LA

The right moment
Which cuts right through me
From head to toe

Results in the total

Annett Louisan - The formula

Spank that don't keep on holding your breath
Shake that ass
Whoz that (Laysha) I got your back
from head to toe hotly
Ladies (Laysha) Rewind it back
follow me clap everybody it's okay

LAYSHA - Chocolate Cream

If you could stand the joy
No matter if it's mine or yours
If you could truely feel it
From head to toe

I just want to know

Laith Al-deen - The invitation (I just want to know)

With you
That day I met you
You illuminate me
From head to toe
When you came to me

Dyland y Lenny - Move Closer (Official Remix)

It shows
From head, from head to toe
For friday night you are getting ready
I bet money and life

Mile Kitić - It shows

- You are always uncared for, he's always taken good care of
- I can't stand losing him
- You don't want to listen to reason, you're a moron you're no good!
- I love him from head to toe
- You're investing too much feeling but you're left with nothing!
- I don't want to quench

Maria Nazionale - Reason and Sentiment

Dancing, dancing I met her

I want to fall inlove with you,of your body like this
From head to toe, to toe
I want you like this baby
Ay ay ay Dancing I met her

DJ Sava - Dancing

You were mine from head to toe
You were mine and you hugged me like a child
Now you are hiding your eyes from me

You are someone else's now and I have no right to you
You are someone else's and everything I gave you has fallen apart

Toše Proeski - Are you happier now

A third one came and a forth
it didn't hurt anymore
the cold was creeping slowly
from head to toe
and when the fifth one went away from her
she froze completely

Subway To Sally - without love

I’ll stand before you, just like that

From head to toe conglomerate

I won’t change

Fisz - Conglomerate

She's really sweet
The finest girl you ever wanna meet

Well, she really fills her clothes from head to toe
I want the world to know I love her, love her so

Jackie Wilson - Reet Petite (The Finest Girl You Ever Want To Meet)

Returns the traveler
On my lips,
From a faraway street,
Dressed from head to toe,
He blows a kiss

Nolwenn Leroy - On My Lips

The way you sang just blew my mind

It gave me chills from head to toe

What a glorious night

Scorpions - A Moment In A Million Years

Porcelain-Snowflakin’ Papi , popsicle in ya pocket…
I’m polarizing ya profits
I freeze ‘em, flip ‘em, and rock it
Cocoa a-la mode, who’s frozen from head to toe
Ice-grillin’ the status quo
Cold-killer so now you know

Azealia Banks - Ice Princess

Good friend, it's better a goodbye

Good friend, why this sadness
if you were a stone from head to toe
Tell me what has happened

Grupo Laberinto - Good friend

Come on
Steppin' out the door, they already know what song we like oh yeah
Push up on the scene like we read about in a magazine like oh yeah
So fly from head to toe
Keep yours, we got our own
Can't tell there's nothing known

Zendaya - Too Much

I never thought I’d fall in love like this
from head to toe

Like a princess story

Leslie Grace - Day One (English translation of Spanish lines)

Oh fair-haired1 handsome woman, if my fate is that you be mine
You will wear gear that would please your friends
between silk and hats, from head to toe2,
And the best of everything in the city
Your cattle will be driven home every evening

  • 1. lit: "of the chalky head"
  • 2. lit: from foot to crown of head
Mary Black - The edge of the White Rock

Cause her Skin is soft
And she smells so good
She is always top styled
From Head to Toe

You listen to her and you'll believe her

Cro - Ugly!

Somethin' 'bout you really stood out (poke it out!)
Come here, baby, cause you got three strikes
Come here, baby cause you got what I like
Lit from head to toe (like Bic!)
We can pour us a cuatro
Kick back, we can roll

Rae Sremmurd - Look Alive

Topsy turvy, oh oh oh oh

One minute, one second comes and goes, adjusting is difficult
From head to toe, at your liking
Lalalala lalalala lalalala I've been completely K.O.'d
Oh my gosh, oh oh oh oh

Super Junior - Be My Girl (Lalalala)

First to the second, the second to the third, and then I’ll sit comfortably in an armchair, putting my legs on the table
And reliably conglomerated so that there would never be such force that would divide me in two again
I’ll feel like a new man, like refined from accusation, reconciled with myself
I’ll stand before you, just like that, from head to toe conglomerated by you
I won’t change so compose me, and I'll put down my roots in you

Fisz - Polepiony

Can I please have your attention?

I'm so dope from head to toe
Armed and big, I drop it low
On the ground, I put it down

Jennifer Lopez - Good Hit

Oh my luck!

Ah, stop nagging me about trying
Ah, I’m cringing from head to toe
Ah, trying trying, Ah, trying trying
Ah, good news is coming

BTS (Bangtan Boys) - Try-Hard

I met her at the club, her friend liked me but she didn't
She noticed a lot of girls giving up their phone digits
She didn't wanna be one of those hoes
In clothes exploiting her body from head to toe
She had glossy lips she was swaying her hips
On the dance floor and every nigga's flashing her grip

Cypress Hill - What's your number

Come, see what Love has done to me

Destitute 'Yunus', I'm helpless
From head to toe, I'm wounded
I'm a wanderer of a Friend's realm
Come, see what Love has done to me

Mustafa Ceceli - I'm walking whilst burning

Account full never again overdraft
I blow more dough than Vitali Klitschko1
I am so interesting, Instagram all bitches are looking over here
Lui V everything from head to toe luxury goods
I am starving for more wealth ravenous
I show what I have that's why the cops focused in on me

  • 1. Ukrainian professional boxer, heavy weight champion
Fler - Lui V Everything

I'm happy like a child
from head to toe
than you'll see how well you'll do
when you're left without me.

Severina - Come Back Immediately

on the spot ¹
We’re the guys, who count the bills,
it’s finally time the others realize it
From head to toe, Ralph Lauren, no problem
I don’t have time to waste
I need to stop this shit

Fler - Call It What You Want (explicit)

Just coming back for more
Oh, I’m not coming down
Too much too late
I’m overload from head to toe
Round and round we go

Nick Carter - Addicted

Move it, move it and stop.
Move it, move it and stop.
Move it, move it and stop.
Don't move it so much, stop.

This is the rhythm of my cumbia,

Selena - Techno Cumbia

I lay on my bed and I say my prayers
And secretly hope that this time passes by
My eyes are tired and my strength is dwindling
I feel the loneliness from head to toe
‘Cause I’d be back, on the eighth floor
Holed up in freedom – this isn’t any fun

Fard - Holed Up In Freedom

I will write on your skin
All the sweetest words
Tattooed from head to toe
With our ink

Marie-Mai - Never anywhere else

[Bang] come to me without concern of others
[Zelo] I’ll protect you from all these wolves,
[Bang] hurry and come here
[Bang & Zelo] You shine from head to toe,
but we’re barely any different
[YoungJae] Don’t ever leave my arms tonight

B.A.P (South Korea) - Dancing in the Rain

Faces shine a deadly smile
Look upon you at your trial

Chill that numbs from head to toe
Icy sun with frosty glow
Words that grow read to your sorrow

Black Sabbath - Behind the Wall of Sleep

Everything’s so different, it’s too different~
I think I am falling in love, be my baby, be my baby~
From head to toe we have nothing in common
Now I wanna know more about you, be my baby, be my baby~

Younha - 말도 안돼 (Can't Believe It)

It's not important anymore who threw
The first stone.
But the ones that followed buried
My soul from head to toe.
At the threshold of a new era
That will make us all free.

Amaral - Like A Hammer Against The Wall

I'm scared, but I think tonight I'll be able to
Tell you with one word, how I feel

Brand new** from head to toe
Fortunately, I'm moving on
Your love is a chapter I'm closing

Panos Kiamos - Brand new

come, see what love did to me

destitute Yunus, mystic of sorrow,
wounded from head to toe.
a wanderer in the Friends realm
Come, see what Love has done to me

Dorian (Turkey) - Come, see what love did to me

I praise old sacred images
for being Slavonic child
from head to toe
so the songs fly out of my throat
to my homeland, to my dear native land

Shorty - Come to Vinkovci

Just like my heart and like my soul
Me I be Ayo Ogunmakin
Fear no foe
I am real from head to toe
Like life is real and you should know

Ayo - Life is real

They keep reminding you about the original, don't be a fool

I'm your unchanging destiny
Ah, I'm burning from head to toe
Let's fall into the same obvious sins

Gülşen - Pretended break-up

I always stated
That there is no being in the world
That has beauty
From head to toe like a woman
They are life,
The divine spark, the reason for being What’s so strange

Vicente Fernández - What's so strange

Depi m'we ou m'fè onondipè
M'di Bandye mesi, li ban m'bonè
Yon bel fanm bel kou bouke flè
K'ap fè loloj mwen vire lanvè
Manmzel nan vi m' endispansab
Ave l' tout rev mwen reyalizab

Alan Cave - De la tete aux pieds

Now you tell me about a man called Nichita
Who kisses his girfriend's toe
How I see you so inviting
I would kiss you from head to toe.

You have nothing under your shirt

Sarmalele Reci - You have nothing under your shirt

[Zico] The way you walk and talk are like hers
Yawning all the time (It's crazy)
Everything is the same
A collage from head to toe, oh my boo

[U-Kwon] You have so many similarities with the girl who hurt me so painfully

Block B - Synchronization 100%

My heart is pumping like that bass before I pick you up
The way we stole each other's hearts we playing Stick em up
I take a shot of Cîroc to get me in the zone now
She took a step out the door, from head to toe she's all "wow"

I'm not looking for no strings, you're not looking for a ring.

Far East Movement - Don't Look Now

Who's been working so damn hard
You got that head on overload?
Got yourself this flawless body
Aching now from head to toe
Ain't nothing, ain't nothing
All my ladies 'round the world

Fifth Harmony - That's My Girl

Days get longer
Life gets shorter
She rips me like no other
So oh dripping from head to toe

Where are you hiding

Maroon 5 - The Way I Was

I'm talking about drops, loving you is a ritual
A ceremony that I practice alone
I watch you entirely, I x-ray you
From head to toe, divine scenery
You bring your mouth over to me, your lips burn me
I seem thirsty, desperate

Axel Fernando - That's why I don't speak

Glass and concrete and stone
It is just a house, not a home.

Skin, that covers me from head to toe
except a couple tiny holes and openings
Where, the city's blowin' in and out

David Byrne - Glass, Concrete & Stone

I apply my red lipstick thickly and tie up my hair so that my neckline shows
my shining image in the mirror is perfect,behind my steps I enjoy the pouring gazes
Your gaze that looks intensely at me from head to toe is very dirty but it's fun
even at my smallest body movement ,why is your stare so confused?

ATT - Τemptation

she wanted to be his everything
but he didn't care, no

She wanted him from head to toe
she was able to, without a moment, to give birth to his child
she wanted to gift away her life to him

MCN - She

and I sincerely don't know what to do.
Have a bit of compassion for me
You don't see that I'm on the point of giving up
I am motionless from head to toe
and I sincerely don't know what to do.
And now it tells me inside

Shakira - You control my destiny

For you to be mesmerized
I have pretty ringlets
from head to toe
I'm filled with Coquetry
I'm the one and only, the unique horse woman

Googoosh - Kaj Kolah Khan*

I love you
I'm your man
forever take my everything OK girl
from head to toe I love you
OK girl to you only yes man
I will do everything

B1A4 - O.K

my heart remains silent
Love is bigger than the body
Love doesn't die, we do
We were a poem from head to toe formerly
Day after day we quit from the rhymes
We became withered roses

Sertab Erener - Love Doesn't Die, We Do

Just the way you are
From head to toe
In any which way
Yeah, and just to think about it

Tiago Iorc - Beautiful thing

I sprinkled the seeds around
But I could not pick any of them
Now I am filled with regret
from head to toe

Things you gave me because I did not have them enough

Mr. Children - The Language of Flowers

She bit her lips with regret
She shivers, with shyness
She shivers, with shyness
From head to toe
One time, she closes her eyes
The other time, her color changes

Saadoun Jaber - She came to me in the morning with her sleepy eyes

Hello Hello Hello Hello Hello (What)
if you listen to our beat Whats up, hello

Hip style from head to toe
Benji swag makes his flow
J-Hoon is a cool Street dancer

B.I.G - Hello

Rebuilt, burned down
Four months every year, caught in ice and protected
For the historian or the topographer,
From head to cape, Quebec City is anything but flat1
Carnival, festival, National Day celebrations
No matter winter or summer, the nights are completely crazy!

  • 1. Pun on the idiom 'de pied en cap' (from head to toe) and the geographical term 'cap' (cape). And another wordplay with 'plate', meaning both 'flat' and 'boring'.
Loco Locass - Hymn to Quebec City

and with an expert eye,
we then try to picture
from head to toe.

Black eyes may be lovely

Enzo Aita - But The Legs

my barefoot feet set foot
on the sweet-scented alleyways
a tickling there from head to toe
itʼs time to pluck my courage

Fatima Spar und die Freedom Fries - Barefoot

I can't lie

I'm in love with you
from head to toe
kiss me, kiss me
I'm not a kid anymore

Ceca - From Head to Toe

Stay far away, stay far away

I met a bad chick
She was flawless from head to toe
I never would of imagined that she would do me low
With her mad tricks

MattyBRaps - Far Away

It's already not important who threw
The first stone
But the following ones buried
My soul from head to toe
In the doors of a new era
That makes everyone free

Amaral - Like a Hammer on the Wall

you are the beginning and end
and you got me here, anchored in the same place
with the memories I carry on my skin
from head to toe
Like a tattoo that time can't handle

Franco De Vita - Waiting for the sun

I knew it from the first moment I saw you,you are different than other men
It might be a bit strange but this is the first time I'm feeling like this
you're so perfect from head to toe
I can't take my eyes off you,I'm so embarrassed

Unicorn - Step By Step

But you always stay in my heart and in my smiling eyes
You’re the one forever~

My heart hears you.. from head to toe
Although the whole world laughs at me, my heart only listens to you
One two three, you smile and I think I lost my breath

Cho Kyuhyun - Listen To... You

So lie down in your coffin dear, and sleep tight
I'll wake you when Daddy's here, alright ?
No No don't...d-d-don't cry little girl
Little girl from head to toe
Deep into the ground you go...down...DOWN!

King Diamond - Sleep Tight Little Baby

Your signs confuse me
From head to toe
But on the inside
I devour you

Djavan - I devour you

But it always stays on your mind

Or the first time you hear a song on the radio
That gives you goose bumps all over from head to toe
All the time you stayed up all night talking on the phone
And you look up and realize she's staring

Corbin Bleu - Moments That Matter

I'm here because here I belong.
From head to toe I'm in love.
You're brave for promising me loyalty
amongst all those pretty souvenirs.

MIA. - Dance of the Molecules

From Main Street,
to Saville Row,
It's what you wear from ear to ear
And not from head to toe
(That matters)

Annie Soundtrack - You're Never Fully Dressed Without A Smile

A CLK 430, you've got style
As soon as I checked you out
A ladies man no doubt
From head to toe you're all style I like it

How bout you buy me a rose cos I think

Victoria Beckham - I Wish

Oh put your hand in mine
Promise I'll take my time
We'll dance from head to toe
I can dance fast or slow
Baby look into my eyes

Debelah Morgan - Dance With Me

The time goes by so quickly, you saw how we've changed
Ky-Ja you've put on weight, Ben-J you've grown again
Watch it happen, you shine from head to toe
White trainers, from gold watches to Cartier glasses
No more than you nigga respect to Congo

Nèg' Marrons - The Appraisal

Wish you were mine, I got to go
Oh, you miss me, our love's in stereo
Isn't it finer in mono?
Oh, you feel me, I rim from head to toe
You say goodbye I say hello

Mini Mansions - Vertigo

Now your looking your best
Keep out the wind
Keep out the snow
Wool by llama from head to toe
Walk The llama llama - llama llama
Take in the panorama

Rascal Flatts - Walk The Llama Llama

Glam glam girl sometimes bad girl
Glam glam girl
High heels, pretty dark eye line
from head to toe bling bling
Heads up here to look around look around
Yeah yeah yeah I'm so gorgeous baby

Brown Eyed Girls - Glam Girl

The way you make me feel, I gotta let you know
So let me see you get low
I call her, she poke her, she’s about to blow
She’s lookin so hot from head to toe
You’re the pussy that gave his pack a boat

Blue - We've Got Tonight

[Verse 2]
And on the Lower East Side you're dancing with me now
And I'm taking pictures of you with flowers on the wall
Think I like you best when you're dressed in black from head to toe
Think I like you best when you're just with me
And no one else...

Cigarettes After Sex - K

But others ran out of clothes
Some ride on a flying carpet,
And others lived their lives on installments
Some are dressed in silk from head to toe,
But others sleep on the floor

Hamada Helal - Some live happily

jumped up, rip out a chainsaw
rip you from neck down
rip you from head to toe, ooo

He's a loser

Static-X - I'm With Stupid

he/she can't take that from me

from head to toe he/she is afraid , but i'm not

Let me say I will get there someday

Erfan - My Way

Ooh whooa)

She's looking good
From head to toe
She's licking her paws (yeah)
She's ready to go

Steel Panther - Eyes of a Panther

I clearly saw you
felt you, touched you
Through you, who came into me
I’m locked up from head to toe
Actually, it’s hard even to breathe
But I can’t go on without you

W (OST) - In the Illusion (W: Two worlds OST)

Long time ago, were two people made for each other skillfully
We were two halfway travelers who found a place on the map
We read each other from head to toe
took off our clothes many times

Tommi Kalenius - Does love still last?

It escapes, it chimes, it lights up everywhere!
Ding! Ding! It crackles like a machine gun
Ding! Tilt it... Ding! An opening blossoms!
A pin-up girl lights up from head to toe
At the bottom of the frosted, glass display case.
One hundred thousand! It's the ballet of magic numbers!

Édith Piaf - Pinball

wow (your feelin it now) take it slow (you turning me on)
club gets warmer (warmer) bodies move closer (closer)
gone wit the rhythm don\'t stop movin your making me hot
from head to toe i feel your flow
thighs get stronger (stronger) party seems longer (longer)
make me really want ya

Nina Sky - move your body

They are tanned from head to toe.
Their skin is reddish almost purple.
Those are the girls who bathe in the sun,
But there's another, who bathes by the moon.

She is tanned by the moon.

Mina - Tintarella di luna

With the one you love you're makin' romance
All day long you been
Wantin' to dance
Feelin' the music from head to toe
'Round and 'round and 'round you go

Chuck Berry - School days

Come and see what love has done to me?

I'm a depressed Jonas, desperate
From head to toe I'm wounded
I'm prowling around in a friendly realm
Come and see what love has done to me?

Mustafa Ceceli - I walk while burnin'

All the children have to know
About the personal hygiene
To be neat from head to toe
And be radiantly clean

Masha and the Bear - Song of Cleanliness (Laundry Day)

come to me without concern of others
I’ll protect you from all these wolves,
hurry and come here
You shine from head to toe,
but we’re barely any different
Don’t ever leave my arms tonight

B.A.P (South Korea) - Dancing In The Rain (Japanese Ver.)

She set herself on fire
I was burned from head to toe
Please don't tell anybody
I can't bear them to know

The Von Bondies - Acidents will Happen

Darling you oh brand new day
with whatever words I try to communicate it,I like you
A to Z
from head to toe I want to get to know you
Baby you baby only you
Baby you after meeting you

Moorim School [OST] - Unlike Me

He finds nothing that gives warmth

The little creature on all fours
smeared with fear from head to toe
It wants to back to its mothers belly
Because it will otherwise freeze without warmth

Letzte Instanz - Burned child

When I saw you passing by me I just froze
I shivered from head to toe
Like an earthquake in Japan
A gust, a typhoon

Marcelo Jeneci - To Dream

Oh, what do I feel within me?

Everything she is - from head to toe ...


Wicked (musical) - What Do I Feel Within Me?

My heart stops silently
(then) Love overtakes the body
Love doesn't die, we do
In the past we were a poem from head to toe
Day by day we gave up on the rhymes
We've became wilted roses

Sertab Erener - Love Doesn't Die, We do

Some among those who hang out with you here are like you, are lonely.
Some are like that because they don't have anyone, others prefer to be alone.
And they don't look at you, check you out from head to toe,
All the while clumsily hiding their wariness and their fear,
As if their loneliness, from the outset, were breaking a law.

Hannes Wader - One More Night

As only seeing her got my stuttering to slow down
And there she walked
Probably the most beautiful sight on earth
Proper Porvoo-woman from head to toe
They possibly put something into water there
As I gathered up my words from drooling everytime

Timo Pieni Huijaus - In the Middle

Everyone is acting as if they are Mr. Bombastic

I tried to strike a conversation with her but I became lost for words [and stared at her]
She looked at me with contempt, from head to toe
I told her: I am not like them, I am not one of them
And it turned out that there's no difference between me and them.. [I'm]

Cairokee - Tied with a Rubber Band

If I could overcome the time,
I would find the golden age
To ask all the pharaons and all the gods
Why you, who is made of love from head to toe, are with me?

Now I know - this is love

Pianoboy - Love

Holding a song after another
I put thousand stars on a cherry lip
Heart goes to hit the crescent
Blood red skin from head to toe

No remedy whether i die or keep alive

Deniz Seki - This very love doesnt fit in this city

Where the dreadful lack of Afro

All these young americanized
Nike'd from head to toe*
Generation very very marked
Mama Sam is dismayed

M (Chedid) - Mama Sam

Let's see,let's read,let;s brush off your heart
those irises that steal slowly the emerald
I scan you from head to toe,whizz
take off this cover that's colder than a knife

F(x) - Pinocchio {Danger}

Na the rhythm go control conscious
Rocking dancehall party
So my gather around around
Feel dis excitement from head to toe
Everybody open your eyes Na dis be time wey we for do so
Na dis sweet sensation (Boom Boom for Everywhere)

Rocky Dawuni - African Thriller

I missed It, she wears a dress of fresh spring roses
And she recommended me to grab her by the hand so as not to get lost
And she knows that I'm lost In love since the day I was born
And she knows that I adore her from head to toe
Wonderful wonderful wonderful Valentine Is wonderful
Sailing In the time of love and I don't know where to go

Kazem Al-Saher - VALENTINE DAY

Since you touched me I have already yielded,
You are going to feel me.

Take me from head to toe,
Because I want to be the lava that spills over your volcano of honey,
Kiss me, cover my mouth with your mouth because I want to burn

Pablo Alborán - Éxtasis

To be invisible, mate, that would be something !
Invisible, like newly cleaned window glass,
like air, for no-one to see
from head to toe.

Invisible, like shadows in the night,

Lisa Aberer - Invisible

When we were 15 we wouldn’t dare let that shit be seen
but now it seems mutalation’s gone mainstream
I see you at my shows, scarred up from head to toe
like there’s no point even trying not to let it show

Icon for Hire - Under the Knife

Ever since I'm far from sleep I walk the roads at night and weep:
"Peace, please!"

Soon after I would shake from head to toe
I left my cardboard house in spite of not knowing where to go
I thought I might find silence if I'd move at such fast pace

Sophie Hunger - Sophie Hunger Blues

When it's thunder, hey, yeah, yeah

You're silk in my arms, like warm water that waves
We were carved out of the same wood from head to toe
You're silk in my arms, like warm water that splashes
Same current, sky and earth meeting each other

Laura Närhi - Silk

Your looks are so deep
Those black eyes of yours
You are love from head to toe
Especially, your eyelashes

Seyyan Hanim - Black Eyes

All they want is to watch us crash and burn.
This is what it feels like to be in the jaws of defeat. One thousand teeth. Slowly sinking in.

Vultures above and sharks below are waiting for us to fall. In hope that they’ll catch you and ruin it all. Circling us from head to toe. We’re swimming in the shallows arguing to and fro. There’s bad blood in the air. This killer instincts the only thing we’ll ever share.
They came to conquer, all they wanted was to watch us suffer. Should of known what doesn’t kill me, only makes us stronger.

Oceans Ate Alaska - Vultures and Sharks

You want to me to run? (Yes) Take out what you prepared (yes)
Whip me baby, If you wanna go (faster)

From head to toe, I want to lick you
You get me up and you get deeper in me
Your beautiful melody sounds like an orchestra

San E - Body Language

(Don't stop)
I will be your highness
From head to toe
I am the true king

The Lion King (Musical) - Conspire

why do you still don't know my worth and how precious I am?
(you look insecure) it's a phrase that doesn't match you
(you really don't know?) you don’t Know what loving you
(you really don't know?) from head to toe,your everything has caught me
(I don't want to become your tail)
everyday the same words,everyday expressing feelings with the same way,it's no fun at all

TVXQ - Hey! Don't Bring Me Down

I love everything about you girl
Don't you understand
I love you from head to toe girl
But I hate your boyfriend

Lou Bega - Boyfriend

On my fingers left a burn
Creaking its steel, the door opened
You're walking in, now you are mine
And i feel a pleasant shiver, from head to toe


Sektor Gaza - Lirika

A space parade. A space parade.
A very beautiful star must have met their end.

Many people gathered all around; a quiet parade, black from head to toe.
There wasn’t a brass band to be seen, and no fireworks to fill the sky.
But the parade marched with so many lights, like a mirror of the starry sky above.

amazarashi - Funeral Procession for the Stars

쉿 ma boy
여기 저기 구석구석
내 맘 숨바꼭질
Oh ma boy
왠 종일 방구석구석
쓰러지게 해

Dalshabet - 머리부터 발끝까지 (From Head to Toe)

this is like Miami Vice 'cause you have a golden
Glock and a coupe in car
amazing body, kicks your ass
you are Corleone from head to toe
You'll go to a gig for few dollars like Morricone
You're very humane

Huge L - My chick

who loves to loot
thats how you explain
that fist-fight he got into
from head to toe
A bad boy

Henry Garat - He's a bad boy

Nothing can stop us, you can take away my money, but I don't care
For blood is thicker than water

I'm a Sinto from head to toe
My blood begins to boil whenever I hear these drums
I'm a gypsy, gy-gy-gypsi

Sido - Psy

I feel like I am getting nervous.
It’s the first time I’m feeling like this
I see enchanted, when I see you
My heart is pounding, from head to toe

I’m starting to like you so much but secretly

Girl's Day - Cupid

Where is he my crazy mate
Who screamed into the night
Who carved dreams into our hearts
And who warmed our hearts from head to toe
Until late into the night

Cali - The heart loaded like a rifle

But not this week I'm chillin' 'cause it's nothin' to hide
Threw on my baggy dips and waited for my ride
He pulled up knock knock 'til I opened the door
Peeped my gear and started dissin' me from head to toe
But yo just to let you know, it's takin' ta make me wanna say
Gotta go, gotta go

TLC - Hat 2 Da Back

Oh, I won't let anyone but me be by your side.
Your brows and eyes, your figure,
Your neck and shoulders, your charm,
Everything about you, from head to toe, I've already fallen for you.

Bounce to the music let your feet go round

Super Junior M - Perfection

Saying what you like
Not just honeyed words
You, for all to see,
from head to toes WOW

Go into the perfect gap

Up10tion - Catch me

He keeps his hands low.
He doesn't wanna blow it.
He's wet from head to toe and
his eyes give her the up and the down.
His stomach turns and he thinks of throwing up.

We Are The In Crowd - Sic Transit Gloria... Glory Fades

Runway model, fashion show.
In the club gettin' low,
Lookin' like she's getting doh
Why herself from head-to-toe,
Oh no, she a pro-fessional,
Lemme know what it takes to get close so

Black Eyed Peas - Mare

I'm not ready to face the light (I'm not ready to face the light)
Cause I really wanna dance all night (I wanna dance all night)
Cause I'm sizzlin' from head to toe
And the reason is I can't see straight no more
I'm not ready to face the light

Girlicious - Face The Light

And charred filter left burn on my fingers
The door has opened gritting with steel
You're coming, now you are mine
And I feel a pleasant shivering from head to toe

You are with me, forget everything

Filatov & Karas - Lyrics

Trample the cross and you cave into hate
Bible basher, I'm destroying your faith

Blasphemous and vicious as I'm ripping you from head to toe
There are those who wish you'd leave them the fuck alone
In your face I spit to contradict your lord's integrity

Deicide - Bible Basher

I shall follow the fair words
of her who has taken me so much
that in serving her
I am [devoted] from head to toe.

Hist, Love!

Arnaut Daniel - The bitter air makes those bough-laden woods

You are my angel

One up, the kind you are so irreplaceable
Georgeous, from head to toe, your shine so beautiful
There is no other girl that compares to you, there is just something bout who you are

Matt Hunter - Angel

Put me on the counter in the kitchen
Now baby cool my body with some ice cream
Lick me from head to toe
Bending me over
69'll be the next thing

Ashanti - Fuck Song

I asked the good about the good that would stop the commotion of the envious
And he says only jewelry , nothing compare to her
And I asked the glory about Faisal and he answers submissively
Saying the glory Is his from head to toe

Racing against his move with you and his eagerness for being near you Is growing


I'll keep on fighting for you

Hey girl you're beautiful
Sexy from head to toe
But when I come around
You turn away

Måns Zelmerlöw - Freak out

come, see what love did to me

destitute Yunus, mystic of sorrow,
wounded from head to toe.
a wanderer in the Friends realm
Come, see what Love has done to me

Traditional Folk Songs, Other Languages - Come see what Love has done to me

With a steel rasp there opened a door
You're coming, you're mine at last
I'm being thrilled
From head to toe

You're with me, just leave all the world behind

Filatov & Karas - Lyrica

We mistake them for our reality
Cause we don't know we can leave them behind
And so we live on, letting everything get to us
Our self-esteem tattered from head to toe
Is right there, dependant on other people's words
How long will it last, till death?

Zeus - Sower

What happens after that?

Comatose, cold to the touch
From head to toe
From promise to dusk

Framing Hanley - Science

We're back it's been a long time
don't hesitate and come to me
from head to toe
a spotlight that shines on me brightly
nobody can follow

Sixth Sense - Feel Me

Pain and suffocating silence
Rain that covered my tears
A kind of mood when my blood burst, as if
getting goosebumps from head to toe
Like I'm addicted,
It hurts all day long

MC Mong - It hurts so much it kills me

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