My whole world (Hela min värld [Part Of Your World])

English translation

My whole world

- If I could just make him understand,
- I don't agree with him at all
- I can't understand how a world
- that has created such wonderful things...
- ... could be evil.
If you count all the things
you'd certainly think
That what I have
must be complete
Do you see a girl in me
with all she could wish for
And she can have pearls and gold
If she looks around a bit, the cashe is full
Look around once more
Sure, she's got all she wants
I've got things that make you wonder
If I ever can wish for more
- Do you want a doohickey, I've got a hundred
But whatever
I want
something more
I want to be
among people
And I want to se,
want to see them dancing
Walking around on two...
- Now what do they call them? Oh yeah, feet
Fins and a tail won't get you far
Legs are a must if one wants to dance
And reach up to a...
- Now what the word again?
... branch
High above
there is a land
where you can walk in the sun on a beach
Where you are free
That could be
my whole world
Give me a life
give me a time
above the surface
Let me one day,
just for a while
have a try
Daughters on land
support each other
And I would really like to switch
Get rid of swimming,
become a woman
ready to stand
Try to understand what the others know
Ask them to answer my questions
What are flames, and how does it, is it called... glow?
Who gives me support, when I am weak?
Could I walk in the sun one day?
A utopia,
which could be...
My whole world
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Hela min värld [Part Of Your World]

- Om jag bara kunde få honom att förstå,
- Jag håller inte alls med honom.
- Jag förstår inte hur en värld