Everything Will Be OK (Herşey Güzel Olacak)

English translation

Everything Will Be OK

I'm late rashly, I stole years from my own life.
I found you, I'm satisfied because of this.
Does it be? Wouldn't it be? Does it forces us?
I didn't think about it, I became same with you.
Come on, hear me
What kind of habit you have?
Come and put someone else (in my heart) instead of you.
People are sick, when they're old
If we are together, we can find remedy everytime
Everything will be ok with you
Do not tell me, when we sated
Be mine, only, all my life
Everything in you is different.
Submitted by BT on Tue, 11/12/2012 - 18:28
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Herşey Güzel Olacak

Persian_Glamberts     January 7th, 2013

nice translation but there are some really little mistakes :
1.Come here and put another, if you can ==> come and put someone else instead of you (in my heart).
2.Your everything is different ==> everything in / with you is different.

BT     January 8th, 2013

Thank you, I'm gonna correct Smile