Everything Will Be OK


Herşey Güzel Olacak

Geç kaldım hesapsızca kendi hayatımdan çaldım

Seni buldum ben bu işten memnun kaldım

Olur mu olmaz mı bizi biraz zorlamaz mı?

Düşünmedim ben de senden farksız kaldım

Hadi beni duy

Bu ne biçim huy

Gel de yerine başkasını koy

Yaşlanınca hasta olunur

Yanyanaysak hep çare bulunur

Her şey güzel olacak senle olunca

Söyleme bana aşka doyunca

Yalnız benim ol ömrüm boyunca

Her şeyin farkli

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Everything Will Be OK

I'm late rashly, I stole years from my own life.

I found you, I'm satisfied because of this.

Does it be? Wouldn't it be? Does it forces us?

I didn't think about it, I became same with you.

Come on, hear me

What kind of habit you have?

Come and put someone else (in my heart) instead of you.

People are sick, when they're old

If we are together, we can find remedy everytime

Everything will be ok with you

Do not tell me, when we sated

Be mine, only, all my life

Everything in you is different.

Submitted by BT on Tue, 11/12/2012 - 18:28
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Please help to translate "Herşey Güzel Olacak"
Persian_Glamberts     January 7th, 2013

nice translation but there are some really little mistakes :
1.Come here and put another, if you can ==> come and put someone else instead of you (in my heart).
2.Your everything is different ==> everything in / with you is different.

BT     January 8th, 2013

Thank you, I'm gonna correct Smile