Flighty (Hercai)

English translation


I'm watching for you again, where are you?
My days have turned into night, I'm in sorrow
You cant know how many nights I have waited for you
As you didnt come, I added more to my sorrow
Come, be my sweetheart, be my lover
Be my sultan, be my firman
Be the cure to my pains, you flighty
I have my eyes full with (tears of) loves
You linger in my heart, always that way
Your hair is blowing towards my wounded heart
You are again the only cure for my miserable sate
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Yine gözüm yollarda, neredesin?
Gündüzüm gece oldu, kederdeyim
Bilemezsin kaç gece "gelir" diye bekledim
Gelmeyince derdime, yenileri ekledim


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