Hey you (Hey du)

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Hey you

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Hello, I'm from your neighbour galaxy,
where neither horizon nor boundaries exist.
Days won't pass, the night's are endless
Heartbeat in the lightspeed,
Space and time shitf around,
Daily life doesn't exist,
Dreams are true
No-one's complaining,
Everyone says you're so lucky
Hey you, tiny android,
Hey you, on your satellite
Hey, for you I've abandoned my course
You are new to me,
and you love to hate each other
How is it going?
Is it fun?
Among us it's different
This day is your lucky day
Men come here and wish you something
Hey you, tiny android,
Hey you, on your satellite,
with supersonic frequence through the starsea
Take me on board,
I can't go on anymore
Hey you, tiny android.
Men come here once
Men wish you something
Men come here once
Men will have fun
Hello tiny android,
I am so alone
My heart is like a vacuum,
as heavy as thousad rocks
I want to take a risk,
There's nothing to lose
Come and start the enignes
Let's fly around!
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Author's comments:

Dunno if this is any better, but I think there were a few mistakes with the translations.. Hopefully I got them right..


Hey du

Hallo ich bin aus deiner Nachbargalaxie
Wo es keinen Horizont und keine Grenzen gibt
Jeder Tag geht nie vorbei
Die Nächte sind unendlich
Herzschlag Lichtgeschwindigkeit
Raum und Zeit verschiebt sich
Alltag gibt's nicht
Träume sind wirklich