Life’s stories (Hkayat El Deni | حكايات الدني)

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Life’s stories

As my eyes were about to close (go to sleep), a voice I love called out to me
Tenderness took over me, and I spent the night beside him
And on my mind came a precious, a precious one
I found out my value to them, and how they tired themselves
These are life’s stories.. they start from birth
For someone to grow up, someone has to be tired out
And each year races the other.. those are life’s stories..
May this voice(*of a newborn*) be safe, his years are just new
And on the sky it draws for me, the wings of children’s happiness
A lot of memories from since I was young
The world was next to my bed, going through winters, prayers, and celebrations
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Hkayat El Deni | حكايات الدني

مِنْ غَفْوِةْ عَيْنَيِّي،
نَدَهْنِي صُوُتْ بْحَبُّو.
أَخَدِتْنِي الْحَنِّيِّة،
وَ سْهَرْتِ اللَّيْلِ غُرُوبْ.


Please help to translate "Hkayat El Deni | حكايات الدني"
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