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Precious, do you still love me?
Baby, do you undress me at night?
Go slowly, you don't try to hurry.
It won't happen if you keep moving so much.
Hop, and it goes in little by little.
Hop, try to move slowly and slowly.
Hop, and drive it in just right now.
This is the rhythm of love!
Hop, and drive it in just right now.
This is the rhythm of love!
Look without getting angry.
Touch without caressing yourself.
Don't come right now.
Hold on for a while, yes, yes, like that.
(Chorus x2)
Submitted by hinotori2772 on Sat, 08/10/2011 - 12:48
Author's comments:

The techoz' Bulgarian->English translation is also not bad, this is just an alternative.

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Please help to translate "Hop"
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kazablue5 years 24 weeks
Misholinchi     October 29th, 2011

Какво би трябвало да значи това "Hop" на английски? Laughing out loud
Заяждам се естествено Wink Сигурна съм, че това ти е любимата песен, много си вложил в нея!
(И недей да употребяваш алтернатива така - това е избор между две неща, синоним на дилема. Няма как само твоят превод да е алтернатива на нещо си.)

hinotori2772     October 30th, 2011

Мише, ако имаш проблеми със значението на думите, ето тук можеш да си направиш справка: http://dictionary.reference.com/browse/hop Smile Моят превод е алтернативен на този на techoz - мисля че си го пише ясно...

П.С. Всъщност погледни и тази дума какво значи: http://dictionary.reference.com/browse/alternative Laughing out loud
(да се позаям малко и аз)

ZanderZion     December 9th, 2015

hello, can someone tell me whats that word written in the barrel in the music video? please and thanks

hinotori2772     December 27th, 2015

Sure thing Smile The inscription reads as РОССИЯ (this is in Cyrillic script) and this is how Russians call their country - RUSSIA - this is a Russian inscription not Bulgarian, actually.