The dance of unity (Hora Unirii)

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The dance of unity

Let's join hands,
Those with Romanian hearts
To go round the dance of brotherhood
On Romania's land!
May the bad seed disappear
May the enmity in the country be gone
Let there only be
Flowers and kindness among us!
Hey mountainer, hey neighbor
Come join me
Unity throughlife
And brotherhood through death!
A single man is weak
During sorrows and pains
Where there are more
The enemy can't come!
We are sons of the same mother
The same origin and kind
Like two joined pines
Like the light of two eyes!
We carry the same name
The world knows our name
I am your brother and you are mine
We have the same heart beating in our chests!
Come to Milkov, hurry
To dry it in one sip
So that the great road
Shall pass our old borders,
And so that the sacred sun
Shall shine upon a day of celebration
Upon our brotherly dance
On the Romanian fields.
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Hora Unirii

Hai să dăm mână cu mână
Cei cu inima română,
Sa-nvârtim hora frăției
Pe pământul României!
Iarba rea din holde piară!
Piară dușmănia-n țară!
Între noi să nu mai fie


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