hot air

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hot air (English) — Something that is not sincere.

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hot air — Κάτι το οποίο δεν πρόκειται να έχει πρακτικά αποτελέσματα

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"hot air" in lyrics

It might seem crazy what I’m about to say
Sunshine she’s here, you can take a break
I’m a hot air balloon that could go to space
With the air, like I don’t care baby by the way

Pharrell Williams - Happy

And did they get you to trade
Your heroes for ghosts?
Hot ashes for trees?
Hot air for a cool breeze?
Cold comfort for change?
And did you exchange

Pink Floyd - Wish You Were Here

Verse 2

I've never experienced this before
only let me prove to you it's not just wind (might be similar to the English saying full of hot air, i'm not sure)
no one's ever made me feel this way
tell me that i have a chance even if you have to lie to me

Keen’V - Just once

[Part 1]
Maybe just hot air, probably burned out
Maybe it's contemporary too, and we're not at all to blame
That nobody can burn more from us for anything

OK KID - At The End

Congealing to ink along the ocean coast Oh~

Wild roses greet the sun hot air balloon above the grasslands

That mailman delivers a stroke of rainbow

Rainie Yang - Take Me Away

The way it suddenly becomes consistently wetter and bigger
Magnet mouth, smeared with red
In the dark corner you have seduced everyone
We throw ourselves deep into the thick, hot air
Where nobody will look for us

2raumwohnung - Sexy girl

The quiet sound
Fades unheard, because it cannot change anything

Dust fills the hot air
Breathing is hard for him
No wind eases the distress

Elis - The last day

Blacko :
close your eyes and imagine yourself somewhere in africa
in a village built in a floor of lead
imagine the hot air, like a desert
that slim flock of sheeps (a little kid and his staff)
imagine that long walking that you must do

Soprano - Ferme Les Yeux

Garou : One last chance, before killing (murdering) me

Charlotte : It's all hot air, words
The lies of your piano.
You caress and seduce, but only to play.

Garou - Hot air, Words

You hurt me,
Tore up my dreams.
And now you come along
With such a bunch of idiotic hot air.

Piss off,

Tic Tac Toe - Piss off

Climb a mountain, swim the seven seas
Get your body to look like Hercules
Jump out an airplane with a parachute
Fly up and away on a hot air balloon

We don’t know where it all ends

Nelly Furtado - Bucket List

We even have some used ones

We're not going to run out of illusions
To travel the world in a hot air balloon
Of jets
We even have some used ones

Carrousel - Lack of Space

Don't waste yourself
Don't burn yourself
By hot air and bad energy
Don't waste yourself
Don't change yourself

Madsen - Don't waste yourself

para-sail, hang-glider,
windsurfing equipment,
a hot air balloon,
and a small two-man
deep-sea diving-bell.

George Carlin (Comedian) - Free-Floating Hostility

Don't waste yourself
Don't burn yourself
By hot air and bad energy
Don't waste yourself
Don't change yourself

Madsen - Don't waste yourself

Because you don't see anyone from a meter
You are who you are and it's ok
My heart is taking off now like a hot air balloon
And you don't see anyone from a meter
You are who you are and it's ok

Roni Duani - Mister

A few words of love

My capital town
Where hot air can be cold
Where millions of people are so ignorant
I am sending you like a moth to a star

Michel Berger - Some worlds of love

I'll be out of my mind
And you'll be out of ideas pretty soon
So let's spend the afternoon
In a cold hot air balloon

Leave your jacket behind

Owl City - Hot Air Balloon

Five chambers
Five chambers

Between the five of us there are days of hot air
Between the five of us there are days of cold air
But that's how it is an a west coast family

Nephew - Five Rooms

Uncle and aunt, and aunt and granny etc.
And redness on lips and 3G etc. in phones..
I keep flying on the hot air of show offs,
Quickly open the caps of champagnes..

Sunidhi Chauhan - Punjabi Wedding Song

It feel as if I had
missed the last train

I feel the hot air
I feel the cold loneliness
Like at late autumn

Smilers - Just for forgetting

You could try a little harder

Emily, you could be a millionaire
But you're so full of hot air
Gonna end up like your father

MIKA - Emily

you aren't your lover's servant any more

Sena is dancing again, everything is vibrating
like a hot air of the Ploče platform
Sena is dancing again, young desperado screamed:
"Man, even Clinton hasn't got this!"

Zabranjeno pušenje - When Sena dances

You fool! Badadbababa
You fool! Badadbababa (weehoo weehoo weehoo weehoo)
Anymore, you’re really slightly crazy (uh)
You’ve only got hot air where your brain should normally sit (uh)
You fool! Badadbababa
You fool! Badadbababa (weehoo weehoo weehoo weehoo)

xxminimuffxx - You Fool

But look at him, how vulgar he is !

She flies, she's a hot-air-balloon!
That woman doesn't have a soul

Roméo et Juliette, de la haine à l'amour (comédie musicale) - Fat

But you still want to …
I wish I could fly straight up to the stars without stopping,
In my journey of life I wish I will find you,
This is not a “hot air”, when I am telling you “I love you”,
Come on shout aloong..

Inna - You and me

First they love it and then they hate it
Welcome to Texas where flip-flopping is overrated
Must've not got the memo, say they're happy you made it
But they really full of hot air like the skinnies I just inflated
Hard to say RIP after timelessness get created
You’d think that we’d live forever with music that's never dated

Chamillionaire - Won't Change

Which one of you makes waves? I’m a tsunami
And each one of you gangsters will suddenly be Rastafari ⁵
I’m wearing Phillip Plein, and carry Pslam 23 ⁶
Your album’s hot air, boy, Qualm 23 ⁷
You’re bitches who rap
You rap about rapping and bitches

Fler - Not With Maskulin (explicit)

Then someday,
Nothing goes in,
Then nothing comes out,
Only hot air,
In this honorable house,

Eisbrecher - What's Going On Here?

To catch fishes from dirty foot-bridge
And further.. we might go on the trip.. where.. to Barcelona..Ai ai
It doesn't matter, with you around the world
Even with hot air balloon.

Leon Somov - Just Stay

Float me over the ground
Float me to the light zone!
Float me over the bustle
Float me, hot air balloon!

N.R.M. - Hot Air Balloon

which lies 20cm below the stomach and you still fool about
as if you'd be an arm of Tayson, but I heard,
you cannot afford shenanigans
You're nothing more that hot air
A dream which squibbes immediately
I think you need a strong remedy for your jealousy

Fler - Therapy

Lolita, lolita, jasmine, jasmine, distribute the aroma of energy
Snore, snore, breathe, breathe, become powerful and invincible in a moment
Riding a hot air balloon, we go on an adventure
Confidence indeed is a lolita's magic power

Qian Lin - Lolita's Magic Power

If you want good luck in the land, you don't turn the mall into a market.

Sick of empty heads with series objects
Sick of hot air, of genius topics
Sick of empty bottles with special effects
They are all defects, so take them.

Deceneu - Seven days

I believe it happened when I was with you on the beach in Lisbon
Or was it when we were in Paris
And had a bowl of fresh Mocha ice cream?
It could also have been when we two were flying over seas in a hot-air balloon

Shalalie shalala, shalalie shalala

Sieneke - I'm in love

I simply swam with it , I feel swept away.
Kissing while on the run, through the gray *street canyons*.
Ice-cold drops fall through the hot air.
Through the hot air.

Our love is a waterfall, I can not think anymore,

Juli - Waterfall

I draw your beautiful name
into the ice with an ice skate
I travel the oceans from end to end with a schooner
I am traveling and seeking for you with my hot air balloon
I can see that the moon is in the sky and the sky is on the surface of the pond
But I can't see you anywhere but in a dream where...

Herra Ylppö & Ihmiset - Kingdom of the abandoned

Her intoxicated blood is pulsing
And it's like I'm dreaming about distant faraway music
Perfect midnight full of hot air
But sky is moving me and I don't have a choice
And banded hands are hugging me, shrapnel is waking me up

Kanda, Kodža i Nebojša - Joe Strummer

The ills live on as long as the bug** exists
and [as long as] the socialist chases after money.

We are all living in a hot air balloon
seeking comfort without being able to get off,
and there’s never been a lack of someone to put a price

Alejandro Filio - A Price

Maybe just hot air,
probably burned out,
maybe it's a product of the times and we're not at all to blame,
that none of us can have passion for anything
Legends die young,
most of them silent and poor

OK KID - In the End

Unheard the soft lament
fades as nothing it achieves

There is dust in the hot air
Breathing comes hard to him
No breeze soothes the pain

Elis - The Final Day

you will be born and die, and be born again.
As long as you can hear the music.

Flip-flops and bikini. Over the street hot air is vibrating.
You're riding a limousine. From the mountain God's son watches.
Wake up long before Ringvägen.*

Markus Krunegård - Ashes is the best soil


From furnaces a groan
hot air
You're starting
to dream just on debt

Törr - The Cremator

Hay awakes something in memory

A farmer presented himself to the first wench
In the hot air
Whispering something in to her ear
Coaxin' her to sin

Stare Dobre Małżeństwo - Hay Piles and Sleepy Wenches

Inflatable pool full of dad's hot air
I was three years old
Splashin' everywhere
And so began my love affair
With water

Brad Paisley - Water

It might seem crazy what I'm 'bout to say
Sunshine she's here, you can take a break
I'm a hot air balloon that could go to space
With the air, like I don't care baby by the way, huh!

Glee Cast - Happy

They now knew what fate lay in store for them all.

The church, just like a furnace,
Was choking their breath, full of hot air
And gun smoke. The familiar cry
Of feverish hunger rose shrilly nearby.

Epizod - Kocho

I fall, split my chin and they don't even laugh
Don't talk to me, everything I touch is ruined
And I had sex with them in my dreams with no end
Cause all they can muster is hot air
While we commit murder based on reason
Fuck you bitch and your deceased sense

L.O.C. - V.S.S.C.

Wanna join us to our home planet in our hot air balloon?
Will you come home to our planet in our hot air balloon?
Wanna join us to our home planet in our hot air balloon?
Will you come home to our planet in our hot air balloon?
You can come if you want

Caramell - Hot Air Balloon

And then I draw my heart
as a furnace
So I can inflate with heat
our hot-air balloon

I'm using the imprint of my hands

Louis-Jean Cormier - If you return

Talk like a big business tycoon
But you're just a hot-air balloon
So no one gives you a damn
You're just an overgrown school-boy

Queen - Death On Two Legs

There are so many things
that ceaselessly call to me
There are so many things that I don't want to hear.
Hot air is in the space,
and I gasp.
Nobody has anything to say

Juli - It's not much

In this home, there is family and just familiar faces
In this pilgrimage, we disavow our brothers and confide in strangers
It's your gravity and your hot air balloons that keep you real
And dare to dream with you, when they pull you too far
You must learn to forgive or it will tear you apart

Idina Menzel - Follow If You Lead

Body next to my body, and train started to go.
Fire met fire, Paris burned.
Slowly, slowly, night is hot, night is long.
Hot air is in compartment, be king and be servant,
I'm burning - that's good sign.
Slowly, slowly...

Nives Celzijus - Orient Express

Get some protection
Get me on my feet
Get some direction
Hot air gets me into a blackout
Get me off the streets
Get some protection

David Bowie - Blackout

I want you to dance,
with a smiling face,
and a drink in your hands,
a hot-air balloon, on which is written in large letters:
Life is beautiful,
even if it goes by.

Sarah Connor - Life is beautiful

Do you want to lift today?
Across land, across city?

Come and fly in our hot air balloon

Gotland Jazz Operation Project - The Balloon flight

Rather than rioting, raging, roaring,
You are a storm in a water glass
Your art is hot air
Helium instead of nerve gas

Nachtmahr - We are back

I want you to dance
with a smile on your face
and a drink in your hands,
a hot-air balloon with these words:
Life is beautiful
Even though it goes by

Sarah Connor - Life is beautiful

On the scale of a society it's the same
So the same people will be oppressed

We're blowing, blowing a lot of hot air
Too much, maybe from being pressed
We are erecting walls and walls

Keny Arkana - Peace Effort

He goes to a gazebo, he puts down the tiles
With his wits about him he hits the roof
Tina, she feeds herself calm
She fiddles with the button on her hot air oven
Forget whisks and ladles, here are tips for a thousand
Use your finger, it does the trick

After Dark - (Oh) When you take things into your own hands

I wonder, I wonder what we'll do,
cause all we knew of yesterday is gone.
The hot air scorching inside your lungs, they say
"You better run for the hills before they burn"
and i'm losing hope that we're gonna make it home.

Shelby Merry - The Scorch

Nobody can change
You can do worse

With blows of hot air on the window
I draw winters
And the hearts, now alone

Giorgos Sabanis - You can do worse

C: Every rabbit is more well-endowed.

R: They also like to call me Sperm-donor.
C: But you just expel hot-air.

R: I am very potent and my juice is consistent.

2 Zimmer, Küche, Diele, Bad - I have a huge boner

You start to smile, yo
Until the day that reality sets in

When you look at your life from a hot air balloon,
Standing at the top of a round tower
You start to smile, yo

Cisilia - Hot Air Balloon

Hot air hangs like a dead man
From a white oak tree
People sitting on porches
Thinking how things used to be
Dark night
Dark night

The Blasters - Dark Night

Someone has made a ladder out of my bones

My head is (like) some shabby books
A hot air balloon with a torn rope
A sentenced to death who has no hope to life
but the life has still attractions to him

Mohsen Chavoshi - Boat-less Oar

Your balls are two rim blocks soaked in piss
Back to me, I'm taking my chance
Lived the lifestyle skilfully, just see how far I'm going
One ball is as big as a hot air balloon
But I have two and I know, you are impressed by them
You want to grab them

Sido - Balls

One more time
One more time

A world in a hot air balloon, yet more partying the night away,
I want new faces,* I would like new worlds,
Foreign smells and unknown colors,

Camélia Jordana - The Escape

your words are full of poison?
Or hug when
your hands are full of snakes?
I saw an empty hot air balloon in the sky today
Can you make a wish then?
Does it bring luck?

Pariisin Kevät - In the clouds

And even if they call me a dumbass
I would even steal for you
I'd go up in the sky on a hot air balloon
And howl to the moon like a wolf
What do you want me to do?

Riko "El Monumental" - For Your Love

The tulip fields of Holland
With windmills on the horizon, turning in the wind
I board the hot air balloon
Whose vibrant colors likens to that from below
And whose flame is that of Mars up above

SilentRebel83 - The Homeward Vow

Raised the cups
But our cups had holes on the ground.
The best years are gone so fast when you smoke the days up to the filter.
What remains is hot air and burning bridges.
Memories and blackouts.

Jennifer Rostock - We were here

So we got married in Venice in June
So what?
We circled the Earth in a hot air balloon
So what?
And the rest of our lives is one long honeymoon

The Magnetic Fields - Zebra

Where grown ups
Don't belong
I go travelling with giants and little green men
In their hot air balloons
Hey, if you don't believe me,
I'll rearrange your face at break

Alain Souchon - I'm Ten

And time, and time, and time, and time, and time
Is more than uncertain

From up in my hot-air-balloon when my anger grows
Our lungs inflate with words in the air
And time, and time, and time, and time, and time

La Grande Sophie - My anger

You and my lips getting more and more
Hot air in this moment felt
I was thrilled with my whole body
Now, you and I will write down our story

Wanna One - Energetic

There's too much talking
No wheat for the peasants
Nothing planned for the students
Their programs are hot air
There's too much..

Tiken Jah Fakoly - Too much talking

Paparazzi tryna catch a nigga off guard
Nigga got me off the chain like guard dogs
Come on, dog
I'm too high, hot air balloon
All star, I'm on another planet
I just joined the fortune five hundred

Juicy J - Ballin'

Where dit it go? Your life along with stories?
I will go there and will tell you then.
Where did it go? The life from leaflets?
Nothing but hot air with some bombshells.
Where dit it go? Your life along with stories?
I will go there and will tell you then.

Tubbe - Punk Grandpa

and the revolution over the nightmares.

I prefer time over money, life over dream,
the dog over the collar, sense over hot air,
and the unknown wise
over the well-known madmen.

Joan Manuel Serrat - To each his own

the nice man is a loser
this cheap man , even on the first date
Oh no no wants to go dutch pay
(silly boy) the hot air and the unfounded self-confidence
I don't know the reason, why can't I know it?
(silly boy) look yourself at the mirror, how you look

015B - Silly Boy

Callin' my loved ones from extra long distance
Across many seas
I wish y'all were here, the things that we'd see
The witness I bear, as light as hot air
But since you're not here
I lay a foundation that brings me back

Jazz Liberatorz - Vacation

Look at me, I'm aiming higher
What if you dreams becomes a nightmare you can't control
How will your dreams sustain you when you grow old
When I was just a kid, they told me it was hot air
I feel it up inside my big balloon, that's how I got here

Hedegaard - Keep Dreaming

take me on an adventure
show me who I belong to
Phileas Fogg
take me to a hot-air balloon
and even though I sometimes live in need
plastic does have feelings

Pajari - Barbara

Who you've been running into

You're so cold
But I am just hot air
With the weight of the world
Coming down harder, harder

The Vaccines - Give A Sign

A nurse parades her heavy breasts over the white sheets
Of my bed like two hot air balloons floating
Over hazy memories, feverish memories
Memories of times when I was really alive

Cali - I dream of seeing summer

The words are slipping away.

Just like soap bubbles only wet the skin,
a hot air balloon is where you’re living now;
the words that you heard, that you loved so much,
drown down the tractors on the beach in Pals[fn][/fn].

Lax’n’busto - Amnesia

With a crew of drunken pilots
We're the only airship pirates
We're full of hot air and we're starting to rise
We're the terror of the skies, but a danger to ourselves

Abney Park - Airship pirates

While holdind the skylark in hand, under such circumstances,
Together with a vase of basil.
Come on, marschaw, pheelambaw, tro-lo-law
With torches, hot-air balloons
Among crowds, with people bumping into people

Amália Rodrigues - The skylark

Is making all Oz merrier?
Who's the sage
Who's sagely sailed in to save our posteriors
Whose enthuse for hot air ballooning
Has all of Oz honeymooning
Woo - oo - oo

Wicked (musical) (OST) - One Short Day

can you take....?

On board an old German submarine
or flying in a hot air balloon
I want to go out into space with you
even if it's only through a book

La Reina Morsa - An island at the bottom of the sea

The ice is melting in our cocktail
While you're kissing my forehead

Hands are fondling hot air
Let hands burn
Little bit song little bit flerting

Jovana Lalatović - We're going to sea

Surrounded by pretty folks...
When the flattery,
is about to rise to my head...
When I -of hot air-
can only beg for help...
I want to you... I want to you!

Herbert Grönemeyer - To you

I took off without knowing where to go
Wrapped between happiness and pain
I will sing "Lonely Hearts Club Band"
Like a breeze of hot air

When the moon shines on you

Ailyn - The Gaze of the Wind

In a hot air balloon, in the sky
We're spinning around the earth
In our hot air balloon. So high in the sky

E.M.M.A - In a hot air balloon

A Storm has risen which is blowing Hot Air and making my Mind go towards the distant Space, ...
the Veil is getting blown away,

Rabindranath Tagore - Thirst has filled my Eyes

Oh the beautiful of the spring
The season brought you to me
Like a hot air
You're playing with my love
I know you're the best

Altin Shira - Flower jasmine

She's never rocked central park to a half a million
Fans, screaming out her name, she's never hit a shot to win the game
She's never left her footprints on the moon
She's never made a solo hot air balloon ride
Around the world, no, she's just your everyday average girl (but)

Jamie O'Neal - Somebody's Hero

And she takes my arm
As if she somehow felt
That this is what she's been waiting for,
And I'm just talking hot-- talking hot air.

Snow White Jaguar, it is waiting outside

United - Snow White Jaguar

And in the end I was wary of all these people.
I took a giant leap backwards
Exile will eventually make me change my ways.
Shall someone say otherwise, that'd be just hot air.

Julie Zenatti - Just hot air

... It's been a while I give work and I'm getting used to the disuse of my soul, to the reason of the enemy, to my sixty daily cigarrettes, to the bad habits of my songs, that someway always were ours, you know it, Black Guitar... Today I resume in a comical straighten the yesterday hour stuck in its nostalgy... The wings I put on to fly make me suffer, but I scream and they raise, I moan and they make me company, I laugh and they beat on in pairs, like they were loving each other and however my two wings...hate each other, they straighten, they become my friends to take me anywhere: there is the song, here is nothingness... beyond the people and near is love... But the people is also near... and before it was there too, behind the people is the people... We've traveled through all my whims and the people was daring the floor, loving each other with wings like mine... hating their destiny, hating me and loving me without wings, with millions of feet, with hands and heads and tongues... and their thousand mouths say: "now, the die is cast..."

<em>The butterfly</em>
The butterfly comes to me in the street, in the damped air, by the damped air dancing, by the overwhelming, ominous air, dancing in the hot air... and I saw it wasn't me who was looking for but death... and I also saw it wasn't looking for death, because it wasn't an iron city butterfly, neither born for that... but it was just a butterfly, in the city, caught and already dead beforehand, fatally... looking in that frafile and crazy dancing for a wing, a grain, a piece of pollen in the concrete... Because the butterfly is born and doesn't learn anything until it dies on any place, deadly wounded by its fair week, by its accurate time, by its already drunk sip of life... That isn't so sad... sad is to see its chain of eggs in the soot, deposited near a river of oil, by the shadow of the great concrete walls... It's chain of silk eggs...

<em>I am missed</em>

Alfredo Zitarrosa - Black guitar

I'm still counting what Hard Core generated.
Bet my shit keep spendin’ like a syndicated.
Corny broad, I leave you bloody like you menstruated.
You hot air ass bitch shoulda BEEN deflated.
This ain't a championship fight, I BEEN the greatest.

Lil' Kim - Black Friday