Today I saw her (Hoy La Vi)

English translation

Today I saw her

Today I saw her
it was happenstance
I was in the bar
she looked at me in passing
I smiled at her
and I wanted to talk to her
She asked me not to
that another time it will be
that another time it will be
a tender dawn
I know that never again...
How to forget
your hair
how to forget your smell
if it still sails on my lips
the taste of your mouth
every day that passes...with a book in the hand
will bring me your name
like in that spring
eeeeh eeeh eeeeh
You was mine, one summer
only one summer
I don't forget the beach
and that old coffee
and that injured bird that you warmed in your hands
neither your voice nor your lips
grow distant from me.
That another time it will be
that another time it will be
a tender dawn...I know never again.
eeh eeeh eeh
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Hoy La Vi

Hoy la vi ..
fue casualidad
Yoo estaba en el baaaaaaaar
me miro al pasar ...
yooo le sonrrreiiiiiiii
y le quize hablar .. !


Kamran     October 24th, 2011

Dvortygirl, thank you very much.

Valeriu Raut     August 5th, 2013

A very beautiful song indeed.
Here are the lyrics with the Spanish accents.
Hoy la vi, fue casualidad...
yo estaba en el bar,
me miró al pasar,
yo le sonreí
y le quise hablar.

Me pidió que no,
que otra vez será...
que otra vez será...
que otra vez será...
tierno amanecer,
sé que nunca más.

¿Cómo olvidar tu pelo,
cómo olvidar tu aroma,
si aún navega en mis labios
el sabor de tu boca?

Cada piba que pase
con un libro en la mano
me traerá tu nombre
como en aquel verano.


Fuiste mía un verano,
solamente un verano,
yo no olvido la playa
ni aquel viejo café.

Ni aquel pájaro herido
que entibiaste en tus manos
ni tu voz ni tus pasos
se alejarán de mí.

Que otra vez será,
que otra vez será
tierno amanecer,
sé que nunca más.

Eeehh eehh...

Kamran     August 14th, 2013

Thank you Valeriu Raut, for your kind addition.

Valeriu Raut     August 15th, 2013

Dear Kamran, only you can change your texts.

If you don't know how:

Press on the button Edit on top of the page
Make all the changes
Don't forget to press on the button Save, down on this page

Diazepan Medina     January 2nd, 2017

The name of this song is called "Fuiste mía un verano"