Metsatöll - Hundiraev (English translation)

English translation

Wolf's Wrath

In that forest, not near
There where wolves are howling
There are wolves with my soul
There I am with my soul
Wolves, they are my brothers
Wolves, they are my sisters
My angst originates from them
My wrath originates from them
Desire for blood has come from them
their ire flows in me
Devil of the forest ate my wife
Devil of the forest ate my child
Face to face with Devil of the forest1
I've always been.
My angst originates from him
My wrath originates from him
Wrath of wolves lives inside me.
They have made my days dark
They have made my night light
In the forest, wolves gather
around the too swollen full moon
Winds bring howls of hunger,
they weave desire for blood inside me.
This is angst born from them
This is wrath born from them
  • 1. "up against" might work too
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Author's comments:

Metsakurat might be another word for "wolf". It's that "speaking of the devil" superstition.



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