Polish Football Anthems - Hymn Wisły Kraków (English translation)


Hymn Wisły Kraków

Jak długo na Wawelu,
Zygmunta bije dzwon,
Tak długo nasza Wisła,
Do Gdańska płynie stąd.
Zwycięży orzeł biały, zwycięży polski ród!
Zwycięży nasza Wisła, bo to krakowski klub!
Wierny swojej drużynie,
znów przyjdę na jej mecz,
i smutek z serca zginie,
troski odejdą precz.
Nawet jeśli przegrywasz,
To musi krótko trwać,
Bo mistrza ten zdobywa,
który potrafi grać.
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English translation

Anthem of Wisla Krakow

As long as on Wawel castle (1)
the bell of Sigismund will toll (2)
A long our (Club) Wisła,
Will continue to prevail (X)
Victory to the white eagle, Victory to the Polish Tribe!
Our Wisla will win, because it is a Krakow club!
Faithful to the team,
I will come again to her match,
And sadness from the heart will vanish,
All my cares will go away.
Even if you lose,
It must last a while,
Because this master wins,
Who can play.
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Author's comments:

translation from video. english translation is very lacking. had to make some adjustments.
but more adjustments are still necessary. i don't speak polish.
(1) Wawel castle, near krakow, poland. built by Casimir III the Great.
(2) the Sigismund Bell of Wawel castle, the largest of the 5 bells.
Cast in 1520 by Hans Behem for its namesake Sigismund I of Poland.
(X) not sure if translation correct.

SaintMark    Fri, 11/08/2017 - 00:36

please help fix this translation. i took it from a video and posted it assuming it was done. which it is not. very bad english.. last 2 stanza need to be looked over..