The love needs two [ I agapi theli dio(Η αγάπη θέλει δύο) ]

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The love needs two

I crashed into the love
I liked a girl so much
that I can't even talk about it
My strong feelings are loose
He saw me but he didn't talk to me
I must have it out with him..
Come with me lady..
Tonight I'm so drunk
that I think I lie down, right here
My upstanding man, my bad boy
I won't go home tonight
I'm going to have a party with you
The love needs two
to get itself warm
to fight against the cold
to hold down, to stand up...
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I agapi theli dio(Η αγάπη θέλει δύο)

Νταλκάς βαρύς με βάρεσε
ένα κορίτσι μ' άρεσε
Πως να το ομολογήσω


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