I will survive this too [ I tova shte prezhiveya (И това ще преживея) ]

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I will survive this too

You're telling me, "it's over"
the same way you're telling me, "Hello"
You don't hurt for anyone,
I think you're forgetting that there is a God
I survived you telling me, "goodnight"
smelling of the perfume of other women
I survived loving you even when you were bad
I'll survive this too
Even thought the pain is deathly
I'm only laughing because
you're looking at me
I'll survive this too
Blood will be rolling down, not tears
But in the end, I'll succeed
I'll get over it, I know
Even if you beg for forgiveness at my door step
Even if you dig the ground with hands and feet out of pain
Even if you call me with your last breath
I'd still tell you to hang up
Even if you repeat "I love you" billions of times
Even if you drown the whole world in tears
I'd still hide my heart away from you
You won't have it anymore
You're wishing me happiness
I'm asking, how do you have the nerve
when you are the one taking my happiness away?
You leave me with even bigger wounds every time
Is this what I turned my back even to God so I can be with you for?
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I tova shte prezhiveya (И това ще преживея)

Все едно "здравей" ми казваш,
ти така ми казваш "край"
Теб не те боли за никой,
има Бог забравяш май
Преживях с парфюм от други
да ми казваш "лека нощ"
Преживях да те обичам даже като беше лош


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