I was a little lion (Yo Era Un Leoniko)

Ladino (Judeo-Spanish)

Yo Era Un Leoniko

Yo era un leoniko,
Y el amor me trusho aki.
Si se muere manseviko,
Ki sepash k'es del amor.
Dia d'alhat la de manyana,
Dos djandarmes veo venir;
Me djuzgaron un djuzgo fuerte,
Enderecho a'nforkar.
Mama mia mi kerida,
No maldigo sin saver
Esto fue lo mi taksado
Ke me takso el Kriador.
Ijo mio mi kerido,
Kualo ke te rijga yo?
Ya maldigo noche i dia,
Ken te trusho en este hal.
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English translation

I was a little lion

I was a little lion,
and love has brought me here,
if a young man dies,
may he (first) know to love.
On Sunday1 morning,
two policemen came to see me,
they gave me a fatal sentence,
I was to be hanged.
My dear beloved mother,
I can't curse what I don't know,
this was my fate,
that the Lord has dealt me.
My dear beloved son,
what risk can I take for you?
I curse night and day,
to whomever has condemned you.
  • 1. or alhát, from the Arabic word اَلْأَحَد (al-ʾaḥad).
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