I love you (Ich liebe dich)

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I love you

Believe me girl, I have (fallen) in love with you,
didn't know that something like this exists.
I never get you out of my head
Every second I always think only of you,
(I) always see your face
I don’t know what it is...
If I see you,
I only do so as,
We would be merely friends but that is not so,
Baby I flip out,
(I) Hold out no longer
I know it’s a mistake but I tell you now
I , I love you
More than any other in the world!
You , You are for me all that in my life counts.
I , I need you more than everything else in the world,
(I) hope you feel it as well
You are what I need for existence!
What I say this is the truth,
it does hurt so,
since my heart cries out your name.
My Baby,
Don't you see that I cry here?
get me out of here
and please don’t leave me alone...
My Baby
I love only you
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Ich liebe dich

Glaub mir Mädchen, ich hab mich in dich verliebt,
wusste nicht, dass es so was gibt
bekomm dich nicht aus meinem Kopf
Jede Sekunde denk ich immer nur an dich,
sehe immer dein Gesicht,
ich weiß nicht, was es ist...


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