Andrea Berg - Ich sterbe nicht nochmal (English translation)

English translation

I Won't Die Again

At one point there was love,
Maybe even a little more.
I lived just for you,
You were the centre of the world for me.
But who you are - I didn't see it!
Believe me,
I won't die again
You, I don't need you.
I don't care where you go.
I can do it without you!
I've cleared my soul,
Enough tears have been shed.
Believe me,
I won't die again
Because of you
Crazy to love you so much.
You were my moon in every night.
I let myself be led like a child,
Was full of trust and far too blind,
But my dream will live
I laughed, cried, dreamed with you
The sky was never as bright as when I was with you.
Really deep inside me - longing remains
I don't speak fluent German so feel free to correct
Ich spreche Deutsch nicht fließend, Korrekturen sind willkommen
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Ich sterbe nicht nochmal