Game Without Frontiers


Igra bez granica


Da se bar mogu probuditi
u svijetu ljubavi
bez starih dugova
i ovih nakaza sto su me stalno pratile

Da te bar mogu poljubiti
bez losih sjecanja na hladna proljeca
bez slike stradanja
sto se bas na nas zalijepe

Jer moj je zivot igra bez granica
umorna prica, trganje stranica
na kojim nista ne pise

Jer moj je zivot vjecito padanje
kad zbrojim poraze nista ne ostane
samo jos vucem navike
i sve na tome ostane

Da te bar mogu probuditi
kavu ti skuhati, u krevet donijeti
pa te poljubiti
al' toga nema i ne postoji

Da se bar mogu zaljubiti
u malu seljanku na nekom proplanku
gore u svemiru
tako da dolje ne vidim

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Game Without Frontiers

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To be awake
in a world of love
no old debts
and these are what freak me constantly monitored

If you can at least kiss
no bad memories of the cold spring
without images of suffering
it is just sticking to our

Because my life is a game without borders
tired story, ripping pages
in which nothing is written

Because my life is eternal falling
count defeats when nothing is left
I drag just another habit
and everything in it remains

If you can wake up
coffee you brew, make the bed
and kiss
But that does not exist

To fall in love
the small peasant woman in a clearing
Up in the Universe
so down I do not see

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