The mystery of love (Il mistero dell'amore)

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The mystery of love

Me singing in the night with the souns of the sea.
Me talking to the moon to understand the mystery of a love story .
And i feel you stronger in the summer ev' (evenings),
I hear your words like little fires burning in
The deep of my heart.
Inside of my life a music plays
A new poem in memory of you.
Vast oceans of freedom, feast daysthat I will not forget.
The cold winter is not takeing you away of my life.
The desires, the nostalgias, how much mystery this love of mine .
Prisoner of time locked inside the memory
I have never felt the infinite perfume of a rose in the morning.
This voice i have inside speaks only of us ,
Like a sweet agony this faraway dream,
Allow me no more sleep.
Is not a farewell song but a sweet music
An orchestra that I play only for you
Vast oceans i'll recapture, celestial bodies and african lands,
A high sun will warm us madly
Infinite flights above the cites,at teh horizon only us.
A new world to search in two , this is the mystery of love
A new world to search in two , this is the mystery of love
A new world to search in two , this is the mystery of love.
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Il mistero dell'amore

lo che canto di notte con il rumore del mare
lo che parlo alla luna per capire il mistero di una storia d'amore
E ti siento piu' forte nelle ser d'estate
Sento le tue parola como piccoli fuochi accesi in
Fondo al mio cuore
Dentro la vita mia una musica suona
Una nuova poesia nel ricordo di te


evfokas     July 9th, 2012

Thank you
lo che > (It's) me who's
il rumore > the murmurs
Fondo al mio cuore > bottom of my heart
Dentro la vita mia una musica suona > a music is echoing/ringing/resounding in my life
Non mi fa piu' dormire > don't let me sleep anymore
Oceani immensi ritrovero' corpi ... > I'll rediscover vast ...
solamente noi > just the two of us
de cercare in due > to search in twos/as twosome