Theatres des Vampires - Il Vampiro (English translation)

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The Vampire

Majestic and proud, the vampire, comes out of the cold, he knows the corpse that he leaves (luring the victim) luring the victim (that will soothe) that will soothe (his thirst for blood) his thirst for blood, for blood
I feel the heat of his breath, i feel his theeth sink into my flesh, (between pain) between pain and orgasm (i find myself being the prey) prey of the vampire
(blood and tears) Tears and blood [x3]
(fall asleep)
I never sleep my hunter
(and never in between us)
and never in between me and you
(I'm waiting to die)
I'm waiting to die
(from miles from the sleep)
miles from the sleep to the breath and
(open still wrists)
open these eyes
run as deep
(into black)
Into black
Into black mantel
(Mantel, mantel)
Into black mantel
Nique sa mère le Blizzard.
I translate for fun, so don't get all mean @ me if I get something wrong. I'm open to discussion, no need to yell ur frustrations in the face of a living loaf of Italian bread- I'm full of love and pasta.
Now that that's been said, I tried my best.
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Il Vampiro

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