He had just turned 18 (Il Venait D'avoir 18 Ans)

English translation

He had just turned 18

He had just turned 18
He was beautifull like a child
Strong like a man
It was summer of course
And I counted, seeing him
My autumn nights
I fixed my hair
A little more black on my eyes
That made him laugh
When he came close to me
I would have given anything
To seduce him
He had just turned 18
That was the best argument
For his victory
He didn't talk to me about love
He thought that words of love
Were derisory
I told me: "I want you"
At the cinema, he had watched
"The game of love"
In the pit of an improvised bed
I discovered, astonished,
A superb heaven
He had just turned 18
That made him nearly insolent
Out of self-assurance
And while he put his clothes back on
Already conquered, I found
My loneliness
I would have liked to hold him back
However I let him leave
Without a gest
He told me: "It wasn't that bad"
With the infernal frankness
Of his youth
I fixed my hair
A little more black on my eyes
Out of habit
I had just forgotten
That I was twice 18 years old
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Il Venait D'avoir 18 Ans

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Please help to translate "Il Venait D'avoir 18 Ans"
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algebra5 years 5 weeks
    August 24th, 2013

Smile "Sont dérisoires"--> are insignificant, are derisory. Smile

Luvya     October 2nd, 2013

I looked it up in two dictionnaries.
They both said "laughable". Which is a synonym of ridiculous (what I wrote) and derisory (what you wrote).

    October 2nd, 2013

You are right Smile "Dérisoire" has two meanings: ridiculous and worthless, but in this context it means exactly that he didn't want to talk to her about love, this topic didn't interest him as much, he thought that words of love were insignificant, worthless, without value Smile

Luvya     October 23rd, 2013

Changed it to derisory, so the double meaning is translated

    October 23rd, 2013

Now the translation is really pleasant and right, and you deserve 5 stars Smile .

    October 23rd, 2013