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Not with You

What is happening behind closed doors
There in the power corridors
What is kept behind backs
And thus hidden in secret places
Who celebrates the victories won
Drinking toasts to loyal friends
Who looks on though he turns a blind eye
And who suffers even more
I'm not with you, with you (1)
Not with you
But I trust in my country
Morals are in decline
Where formerly there was justice and advice
And the fair seeds of promises
Their flowers are not yet seen
With unconditional faith and trust
We have given power to some
But not charged them with responsibility
To their right as they live in riches
I'm not with you, with you
Not with you
I'm not with you, with you
Not with you
I call out for a thing
With the power of a people
That want to hear your truth
Not the gossip about your mote (X)
Behind closed doors
There in the power corridors
The stench is oozing out
When the blade reaches the eye
Who cares then about our actions
Well, who protects the people's right
Can someone please explain now
What weighs heavy and what weighs light
I'm not with you, with you
I'm not with you, with you
I'm not with you, with you
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Submitted by SaintMark on Fri, 17/03/2017 - 11:18
Author's comments:

(X) please help with this line
(1)I don't understand this grammar formation, is it a double negation ?
How should I translate it ?

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Inte du med dig

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