Untouchable (Intouchable)

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Today I come to words
To stop coming to tears
I'm ready to take on a new role
And forget this pain that's overcoming me
I turned a few leaves
I'm clear of everything
Even after the storm
I will stay on my feet
And if I've fallen down
On my own against destiny
Today I want to pray
I have the strength
I took the necessary action
I learnt how to keep in me all my chances
Before it is too late
Every day I have the strength to believe
Believe in all I have left
I banned my fears as much as my weaknesses
Without ever selling my soul to the devil
I am untouchable
I've long been searching for my faults
I've forgiven, I've given of myself again and again
I've dragged my feet like one drags through the mud
When they were pointing their fingers at me to say nothing at all
With my heart under cover
Today more than yesterday
I'll be my only enemy
I'll be my only mark
With my pen
As my only ally
Where I pour my words
Where my tears ran down too much
I am untouchable
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Aujourd'hui j'en viens aux mots
Pour ne plus en venir aux larmes
Je suis prête à changer de rôle
Et oublier ce mal qui me gagne
J'ai tourné des pages
Je suis lavée de tout
Même après l'orage


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