Gülay - İstanbul Ağlıyor (English translation)

English translation

Istanbul Is Crying

In the train there were the loves without ticket
The train cars condoned to the runaway passengers
Even if the snow fountains flow into the hearts
There was the remaining love, whose behind there was the spring
Istanbul is crying, you're crying
Come on, go! Go now! Why are you waiting for?
The passengers are always the runaway, but we're the prisoner
The eyes are crying passionately and childish
I hunt the star in the blue of the sky
Always your looks in the ocean of your eyes
I set up the trap of my ambushing hands for you
Every time when your eyes pulled the trigger, the death comes closer
The lonelinnes comes and stays with me, when it saw me lonely, then the nights continue
In Istanbul it rains mixed with snow
I sort the snow out and hug the smell of rain
I put the weed in front of my eyes and I understand, the fire again, the longing again
From the washing Istanbul, the falling to my shape
Also the wetness of your face, while you were going
The rose drop fell, it was the fire home
The talking against mountains was the well with pomegranate
Even if the sadness nights rain in the hearts
It raised the love in the gazelle wound
Istanbul is crying, I'm crying
Come on, get up and come! I can't wait for you!
The passengers came, but you weren't in them
My heart is dying in the pains
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İstanbul Ağlıyor