Napoleon Boulevard - Júlia nem akar a földön járni (English translation)

English translation

Julia Doesn't Want to Walk on the Ground

We're dressed neatly, our hair is shining
You may have guessed that we pay attention to this even now
Above the town, Julia is floating at the moment
We're amazed, and we don't understand this just as we don't understand so much more
No problem, we don't ask questions
She's floating, so what? Big deal, we're coming too
We step back, we can make a running start from there
We keep trying, why would it be exactly us who wouldn't be able to do this
Chorus: Julia wasn't strong or more than us
Julia was neither good nor beautiful
Now Julia doesn't want to walk on the ground
She floated up to above our heads instead
We keep trying, we thrash around with hands and feet
We wiggle as hard as we can
Above the town, Julia is still the one floating
Nicely and effortlessly, just as one ought to fly on a Saturday at noon
Chorus 2x
I know we can't do it, but if we can't fly
We leave no stone unturned down here
We keep aiming, we'll hit you sooner or later
Julia, dear, it'd be better for you to land on your own
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Júlia nem akar a földön járni

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