I Drank (J'ai Bu)

English translation

I Drank

I always liked your mother
She told me you were the best
I was scammed by the merchandise
I don't want to go backwards
But instead to step on the accelerator
Shut up, you. I want to go see something other than what you say
You want to sell me love
But I know the cost:
(It's) impossible to return
And there are hidden fees (literally: service fees aren't included)
I swallowed all your words, on my knees
I'm drunk, I can barely stand anymore
I swallowed all your words in one gulp
I'm drunk, I don't want any more at all
Sitting on the hood of your Maserati
I'm pushing down right where it hurts, so why are you running away?
A log of weekends on Polaroids
Emphasizing those spent entirely in bed
I'm afraid the free trial period is without a doubt over
You go back to the sensitive subject
In bed from Friday to Monday that left you empty
Submitted by Bradlepe on Tue, 17/01/2012 - 05:24
Author's comments:

I'm a bit unsure of how I translated the last verse, but I think it's close (if lacking a bit of flow). Any corrections/suggestions are very welcome!

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Dan_Lambert     April 20th, 2012

This is SUCH a great translation of a song! I feel like you were still able to capture Yelle's emotion and poeticness Laughing out loud