letting go (J'envoie valser)

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letting go

I see some that give, give
Jewels (word game with kiss) in the neck
It's beautiful but still
It's only rocks
Rocks that roll you, roll you
And roll down your cheeks
I like it better when you love me
Without spending your money
But I don't care
I'm letting go of sham
The golden cages
When you hold me really tight
It's like a treasure
And that, that's worth gold
I see some sending glances and flowers
Then letting go somewhere or somewhere else
Between roses and cabbages
I know lots that better
Love each other a bit
A bit like us who love each other a lot
And letting go somewhere else
The rings and hearts in necklaces
Because when you love each other very much
It's like a treasure,
And that, that's worth gold
I'm letting go forever
Of the fake gold love proofs
Since you're holding me real tight
That's where my treasure is
That's you, you that's worth gold
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J'envoie valser

J'en vois des qui se donnent, donnent
Des bijoux dans le cou
C'est beau mais quand même
Ce n'sont que des cailloux
Des pierres qui vous roulent, roulent
Et qui vous coulent sur les joues
J'aime mieux que tu m'aimes


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