Jaime Molina

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Jaime Molina

(To two friends who loved each other with the soul
Oh Man!)

I remember that Jaime Molina
When he was drunk, would set this condition;

That...if I died first he would paint me a portrait
Or...if he died first, I would write him a song(2Xs)

Now I prefer this condition.,
That he paint me the portrait and I don't write him the song(2Xs)

Famous were his parties
That he wouldn't let any of his friends sleep

When he was drinking, he would always insult me
With phrases of affection that he knew how to say(2Xs)

Afterwards he would sit on my lap,
He would tell me a joke and start to laugh(2Xs)

(Oh friend, if you saw how Rafa remembers you,
you would cry)

This thing started very young
Jaime Molina taught me how to drink

Wherever I was, he was with me
And wherever he was, I was with him (2Xs)

Now it hurts me that he's gone
I'm without Jaime and he's without Rafael (2Xs)

(A sincere homage for all the painters and artists
of the valley,
Oh, man)

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Author's comments:

Rafael Escalona, a Colombian composer of Vallenato music wrote this song.

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Jaime Molina

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