Call (Javi se)


Javi se

Poslije tebe suzu krijem,
na silu se nekad smijem,
al' me lude noći odaju.
Kud god krenem, noću, danju,
kafane me sve već znaju,
uz vino mi tugu prodaju.
Sreća posta skupa roba,
dan bez tebe gluho doba,
eh, kad bi se na tren vratila,
eh, kad bi se na tren vratila.
Javi se, pojavi se, il' u snove svrati,
i ugasi ovaj mrak, u život me vrati.
Da i meni jednom sunce grane,
da i meni poslije mraka svane.
U meni još nemir vlada,
a srce se džaba nada,
da ćeš opet moja postati.
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English translation


After you I hide the tears
sometimes I force a smile
but the crazy nights betray me
Wherever I go, in the night, in the day,
all pubs already know me,
to wine they sell me sadness
Happiness became an expensive good
A day without you is witching hour
Oh, if you came back for a moment
Oh, if you came back for a moment
Call, appear or come around in my dreams
and extinguish the embers, take me back to life
That for once the sun comes up for me too
that it lights up after darkness for me too
There's still restlessness inside of me,
and my hearts hopes in vain,
that you'll become mine again
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