I'm Searching (Je cherche)

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I'm Searching

I remember and it's not difficult
The laundry that dried on a line under the sun
And my mother's face in the country air
Knees skinned
In our forbidden children's games
Our shoes without spikes
Marked out the terrain
And our hearts damaged by honor
Lost 2 to 1
Paris Trocadero
Algiers the White and your eyes
In mine
A glance, a noise, a smell
I'm feeling good
A little from here, a little from there
It's coming back to me
And I'm searching
I'm searching*
I'm searching for my path
My fate*, my destiny
On the benches at school
I learned the present
To conjugate the passing time**
And yet,
With my head elsewhere I dreamed of something different
In the frantic race
To the court of feeling
For an I love you in the air
That very often hurts
Our emotions came to life slowly
I search for hours
And hours
The why of how
In the tunes and haunting tunes
And the parading passions
The torments
The torments
And I'm searching...
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Author's comments:

*Translated from Arabic
**A play on words since the word 'temps' can mean both 'time' and 'verb tense', and présent and passé are both (general) verb tenses


Je cherche

Je me souviens et c'est pas difficile
Du linge qui séchait au soleil sur un fil
Et le visage de ma mère sur un air du pays
Les genoux écorchés
Par nos jeux interdits de gamin
Nos chaussures sans crampons
Délimitent le terrain


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