I do not know (Je ne sais)

English translation

I do not know

My heart is sad,
I have too much dreamed
That happiness happens.
My heart is sad.
Did I lose you ?
I have been waiting for far too long.
Yet I keep all of my hopes.
My dream.. Ah, truly, yes, I am waiting.
Somewhere, in some corner, a happiness is hiding for me.
If I knew where to look for... I do not know what.
Somewhere, in some corner, my Paradise is shining,
A heartbeat told me so.
I do not know where it is, but I will go to the end of the world.
Being close, I do not know, maybe in the next world.
Somewhere, in some corner, a way to Heaven is opening.
I do not know
Being close
Being far away
I do not know
Being close
Being far away
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Je ne sais

Mon cœur est triste
J'ai trop rêvé
Que le bonheur arrivait
Mon cœur est triste
T'ai-je perdue ?
J'ai trop longtemps attendu
Je garde tout mon espoir pourtant


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