I Belong To You (Je t'appartiens )

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I Belong To You

Sitting in your place
In this house made of ice
I count my wrongs one by one
I see those jugs
Filled with emptiness
Which pierces my body
And all my nights blur into one
Your eyes never fall off
My heart that's succumbing
To your leaving, but...
I belong to you
Just like the killer whale and the sea are one
They love only once
Then are washed away on the beach, just like drowning
Plans, dreams
Are ripping off, and it's killing me
I'm not living anymore, I'm dying
Even on the surface
Seeing you freezes me
And tears out my heart
And all the nights blur into one
In your arms, another tomb
I even despise her shadow
And your leaving, but...
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Je t'appartiens

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