I will always love you (Je t'aimerai toujours)

English translation

I will always love you

At the heart of the world, there is a city
That is called Vienna the Beautiful
Spending a day there feels like an eternity
Yes, because she is entirely gaiety
Chorus :
I will always always love you
City of love, city of love,
You seem beneath the firmament
A paradise for the lovers
On the bank of your blue Danube
The lovers are very happy
They will always always love you
City of love, city of love
I like your waltz, your wine, your songs,
Under your influence such a nonsense
Your golden-haired girls
Are evermore fascinating all the boys
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Je t'aimerai toujours

Au cœur du monde, il est une cité
Que l'on appelle Vienne la Belle
Y vivre un jour vaut une éternité
Oui, car en elle tout est gaieté
Refrain :
Je t'aimerai toujours toujours
Ville d'amour, ville d'amour,