Claude Barzotti - Je vole (English translation)

English translation

I'm flying

Tonight I've closed the shutters
and the door and I threw away the key,
and I won't let anyone in.
That's it, that's settled, tonight
you can scream at my door all you like,
I won't answer the phone.
I will no longer put you in a cage,
you will no longer be my hostage
I'm flying, I'm flying,
I'm setting you free.
I'm flying, I'm flying
to be free to love you.
I'm flying, I'm flying, not to die a captive.
And so I'm flying, I'm flying,
you won't make me fall to the ground again.
I'm flying, I'm flying,
to never give in again.
I'm flying, I'm flying,
not to die at your feet.
I will resist your beauty,
even though the very thought is painful.
I got all your messages alright,
but I could not bring myself
to answer you like before.
I don't have much to say.
I will no longer make you suffer.
We're done fooling around.
I'll be a bird of passage.
You'll be free to travel some places else
(chorus x2)
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