Jovano, Jovanke [ Jovano, Jovanke (Јовано, Јованке) ]

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Jovano, Jovanke

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Jovano, Jovanke
Sitting by Vardar (river)
bleaching linen
bleaching linen, honey
looking upwards /x2
Jovano, Jovanke
I await you
to come to my home
but you are not coming
Jovano, my heart /x2
Jovano, Jovanke
Your mother
won't let you
to come to me
Jovano, my heart /x2
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Author's comments:

Not really a Macedonian native, but this is quite similar to any south-slavic.

Not sure if "nagore" is upwards, or "na gore" towards mountains

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Jovano, Jovanke (Јовано, Јованке)

Јовано, Јованке,
Крај Вардарот седиш, мори
Бело платно белиш,
Бело платно белиш, душо
Сè нагоре гледаш. / x2
Јовано, Јованке,
Јас тебе те чекам, мори