Wintertale (Kış Masalı)

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I wrote your name to the mountains, my love
I scribed them on the foggy glasses
It's hard to listen to a tale in winter, my love
I cried and I told at the same time
Were my tears out of sorrow, my love?
From the fate I've been suffering?
I drank all the time, I embraced it, my love
My only friend was the whiskey*
If you said, I miss you, don't go
Don't leave me here, my love
I wouldn't be looking back now
If I could hold your hands
The eyes that are not smiling have been watery, my love
My thoughts were of being reunited
It's difficult to live you without you
I'm a creaton of the God too
It's hard to give up loving
But also loving this way all again
My heart is hurt once in my life
By giving this life to you
Submitted by darkassassinx7 on Fri, 20/09/2013 - 19:47
Author's comments:

*'kadeh' literally means 'chalice' but it represents the alcoholic drinks here. It's actually like drinking the sorrows

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Kış Masalı

Please help to translate "Kış Masalı"
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very good translation Smile

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thanks Laughing out loud

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