And I Will Go [ Ka 'Alu Au [How Far I'll Go (Reprise)] (Tongan Version) ]

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And I Will Go

There's a border in the sky
And the sea
No one knows
How far it is.
This worrying inside [me]
It's behind [me]
And I'll go
And sail away.
[I'll] row this way
[I'll] search that way
I alone will choose
[There's] no turning back
From the great watery expanse
I'm alone
[Heading] homeward.
She lights up the night and sea
She calls [me]
Now I know, yes, I know
The moon in the sky
And the wind begins to blow
I will know
And I will go.
"Work hard in silence, let your success be your noise!"
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Ka 'Alu Au [How Far I'll Go (Reprise)] (Tongan Version)

'Oku 'i ai ha mata 'i langi
Mo e tahi
He'ikai 'ilo
Hono mama'o
Ko e loto manavaji'i
'Oku 'i mui
Kau 'alu au


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