say it (Kaho Na Kaho)

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say it

say it say it because your eyes are saying it
oh baby oh baby oh my love
this is a help in the journey of love
this is the shore of the royalty sea

know that it(love)flies away like wind
know that it is different to all the other things
because of it love stories are proved right
and because of it the passion in your breathes is proved right

in the journey of love you are mine
you are a shiny star in dark passages

you are the supporter of my life
you are the shore of my waves
you mean the world to me
you are in my heart beats

say it say it your breathing is saying it
my baby my baby my love
the name on your lips is only mine
and this heart of your sweetheart is also mine

because of your attraction i am so high
just look at the flame burning in my eyes
its because i am only seeing your face

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sorry the rest of it is arabic and i have no idea about it

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