And what do I ask for? [ Ke ti zitao (Και τι ζητάω) ]

English translation

And what do I ask for?

With a few of my lyrics as an excuse
I park the car and I speak to you
and I know you don’t care
suddenly you’re terrified that I love you
You play with my sensitivity
but you don’t pay attention to my intentions
or the thrills of my heart
you say that you have other problems
and what do I ask for? What do I ask for?
a chance to go to paradise
With a few of my lyrics as an excuse
I treat drinks at the bar
while you forbid me to come
you were hanging out with those two
you told me later you were waiting for me
you were not waiting for me, it’s in the future’s hands
and when I held you in my arms
that’s when I failed and you said no
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Ke ti zitao (Και τι ζητάω)

Με κανα δυό στιχάκια μου για πρόσχημα
παρκάρω τ' όχημα και σου μιλάω
και συ που ξέρω πως δε νοιάζεσαι
τάχα ταράζεσαι που σ' αγαπάω
Παίζεις με την ευαισθησία μου
μα την ουσία μου δεν την προσέχεις
και στης καρδιάς μου τα σκιρτήματα


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UserPosted ago
marinos255 years 18 weeks
marinos25     October 5th, 2011

Thanx again, you' re really great in translation.
Please, don't blame me for a few more suggestions :redface: :
I would write:
"you say that you have other problems" instead of "but you say that you have problems",
"I spend drinks at the bar" instead of "I buy drinks at the bar"
"while (ενώ) you forbade me to come"

x3_georgia     October 7th, 2011

I appreciate the suggestions because my Greek is not completely native and I understand things a bit skewed!
"κερνάω" is a very difficult word to translate accurately because of its significance in our culture and I think "spend" sounds a bit strange to me but I think I've come up with something that will fit. Smile