A separation song (kal benim icin)


kal benim icin

Ayrilikdan yana kac sarki varsa
hepsini bu aksam cal benim icin
2x tüm zarar ziyanin hesabi bende
bir kac sitem daha kal benim icin

pismanlik duyupda birgün ararsan
nerdeyim nasilim diye sorarsan
pismanlik duyupta birgün ararsan
nerdeyim nasilim beni sorarsan

bir ayrilik sarkisi sec
sessizce cal benim icin
yüregin ellerimde
öylece kal benim icin öyle
aynanin karsisina gec
yüzüne bak benim icin yüzüne
egerki agliyorsan bu yaslar bizim icin

Bende emanetin her neyin varsa
alda muhabettini yik benim icin
2x böyle paramparca yasamakdansan
kalbime bir kursun sik benim icin

Pismalik duyupda ...

bir ayrilik ...

Submitted by dolfin on Sat, 30/10/2010 - 23:47
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English translation

A separation song

The number of songs about separation doesn’t matter
Just play all of them for me tonight
I have the account for the damages
Just bear a few complaints more, please stay for me

If you regret what you did and recall my name some day
(And) If you wonder where I am and how I am
If you regret what you did and recall my name some day
(And) If you wonder where I am and how I am, if you ask

Just choose a separation song
(And) play it quietly for me
Your heart in my hands
Just stay like this for me
Look in the mirror
(And) Look at your face for me
If you are crying, those tears are for no one but us

Whatever of you left in me, entrusted to me
Take them all and destroy my temple for me
Instead of making me lead that shattered life
Just shoot a bullet into my heart

A separation ...


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