Anemones [ Kalaniot (כלניות) ]

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The evening comes,
the sunset on the hill burns
I am dreaming and my eyes see:
the proud*, young girl descends to the valley
and it blazes with a fire of anemones.
She'll pick flowers to put in a bundle
and in the paths covered by dew
to Mother she rushes - calling out to her:
look what I brought for you in the basket!
Anemones, anemones
reddish, red-haired
Anemones, anemones
anemones of dew and grace/charm
Sunset on the hill will blaze and go out
but the anemones will always bloom.
Storms will thunder and roar greatly
but the anemones will always bloom.
Years pass, the sunset blazes again
The girl grew, her beauty is endless.
going to the valley with her heart's chosen
and again anemones bloom in it.
Her heart's chosen extends his hands to her
and she's laughing and bedewed
she whisperes to him between the kisses
Look what I gathered here in the basket!
The vows of love will be forgotten,
but anemones will always bloom.
For the vows are light as smoke,
but the anemones are always the same.
Years passed, sunset blazes in the hill.
The girl is a grandma already, friends
Her granddaughter goes to the garden
and again anemones bloom in it.
And when the girl calls to her:
"look Grandma what I brought you,"
from laughter and tears her eyes glow
and she remembers a forgotten song melody...
Yes, generations come and pass without end
but each generation has an anemone in a tune.
Happy is the man if between storms and thunder
an anemone bloomed for him, if only just once.
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Author's comments:

Words transliterated and translated by George Jakubovits of Toronto, Ontario, Canada.


Kalaniot (כלניות)

הערב בא
שקיעה בהר יוקדת
אני חולמת ורואות עיני
הגייאה נערה קטנה יורדת
ובאש כלניות לוהט הגיא
את הפרחים לצרור היא תלקט לה
ובשבילים המתכסים בטל


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