My summer [ To Kalokairi Mou (Το καλοκαίρι μου) ]

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My summer

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my summer
yes, tell me yes to everything
beautiful blue eyes
and the night will be complete
don't, don't think about it not even a moment
the hesitations are over
let's go to the top
and if you are sea
i embraced you
and if you are wind
i kept you
and if tomorrow
is in my hand
you will be for ever
my summer
what, i must do what
a simple move
makes the play to be performed
how, do you want to say it differently
let's go with full speed
till we see light
and if you are sea
i embraced you
give me one kiss
whatever i remember
to forget
and along with my name
and my old life
and if you are sea
i embraced you
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To Kalokairi Mou (Το καλοκαίρι μου)