My soul has wings (Kanatlarım Var Ruhumda)

My soul has wings

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Don’t waste your time trying to have
A place for me in your heart
Don’t put your arms around me
I can’t stay there

You, too, have some fun
Don’t talk sad
After all, life is nothing
But just a momentary rendezvous.

Lalala la this is how I am
Lalala la And this is always how I have been

I don’t go back in time.
I’ve been crossed with tears
I am stronger
With my faults

Don’t call me to your path
My path is different
The place where I go (my direction) is different
My slopes (obstacles) are different

I can shine in the dark
I can stand in the emptiness (or space)
I won’t fall!
My soul has wings.

I can go as I come
I can give up on love
Because I don’t have chains around my neck.

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Kanatlarım Var Ruhumda

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