Karen Cheryl - There's A Sweet Melody


There's A Sweet Melody

Tell me how to find a way
Show me another way
For me to go on
Tell me why I shouldn't stay
Then show me another kind of
Warming sun
Only if I just_____________?
Maybe if I felt the pain and tragedy?
Tell me how to find a way
Help me find a brand new day
For me to love
There's a sweet melody
Singing right down the road
About my love
There's a sweet melody
Flowing out like a rising summer rose?
Sweet melody for my honey
You are my honey
Sweet, sweet oh so sweet
To sing
You broke one day
Stop being a silly fool
Don't put on a show
I don't want to waste my time
No more broken hearts I swear
Cause you know I'd die again
You never cry
Stories need a happy end
Give a love and now the chance
And just pretend
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