Part of Their World (חלק מעולמם) [Part of Your World] [ Khelek me'olamam (חלק מעולמם) [Part of Your World] ]

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Part of Their World (חלק מעולמם) [Part of Your World]

Just look at this, everything's here
A wonderful collection, each item is perfect
And then you'll say that I have it all
Here is the hoard, this is my treasure
You couldn't believe it was even possible
But then I'll say
Yes, this is my source of happiness
Games and dolls of every color
And some very strange things
Do you want some "drambalabus"? I've got plenty
But I wish for more…
I want to be with the humans
I want to see how they dance in pairs
How they walk on those, what do you call it? Legs
I can never dance in fins
You need legs to walk
And to just stroll along the… what's that word? Street
That's where they walk, that's where they run
That's where they run around in the sun
And so is me, that is my wish, to be with them
What wouldn't I give to get a chance to leave the water
I'll pay a fortune for a whole day out on the warm sand
On land, all the girls, are probably as free as the wind
I have had it, I can't take it anymore, I want to stand
I will learn from the wisdom of book writers
I'll ask questions and gain knowledge
What's burning on the tip of the candle, what's the word? Fire
I just ask to be with them
To float above the waves
Out of the sea
In the world of the humans
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Khelek me'olamam (חלק מעולמם) [Part of Your World]

רק התבונן כאן הם כולם
אוסף נפלא כל פריט בו מושלם
ואז תומר שרק לי יש הכל בעולם
כאן המטמון זה אוצרי